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Gas prices going up.


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As reported on Yahoo.

• With gas prices for her SUV topping $100 a week, Alicia Agugliaro is trying to save money by packing her own lunches, diet soft drink and coffee to take to work at Liberty Travel, a travel agency based in Ramsey, N.J. She estimates that she saves enough to pay about a third of her gas bill by cutting back. She drives 65 miles one way.

"I look like a bag lady when I leave in the morning, but it's what you have to do," says Agugliaro, 29. "It's costing so much in gas that I was looking for other ways I can save money."

The disturbing thing is that none of the other people made any real headway either. People choose to eat less, quit their job, or carpool with others instead of driving a fuel efficient car. Stupid.

I would wish that a giant meteor would crush them all, but then there would be no one left to laugh at.
Haha...my 88 sentra still gets almost 40 miles to the gallon. And that is silly. If I drove 65 miles one way to work, it wouldn't be in a truck of any sort. That lady is crazy.

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Whats wrong with little family cars these days? :rolleyes: My in-laws have a big bloody people carrier for 2 people and a small dog :speechless:

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Roughly, she pays the same as me to travel the same distance. She must have a really really bad car :)

Guessing she does 650 miles for $100 that is.
Whereas for £45 I can do 450.
i have a 97 trans am and i get 16MPG
because gas prices are such, i am buying a 2nd car. A very fulke efficent car. That is the only requirement. Well, and i want a old cheap used one.


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26 round trip per day.

30ish MPG.

What is wrong with people today? I went camping last weekend and took my car up where there were only big 4WD pickups that have lift kits etc... they were looking at me weird. But All I can say is I did it and the only damage I got was a chipped windshield on the way through Denver by a idiot who didn't tarp his load of gravel.

And I did it all 580 miles, on $40 something of fuel. Less than they would burn going from Denver to Leadville.


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People like what they like. It's their prerogative. You might not like people driving these vehicles and eating up gas... well I wish parents would quit smoking around their kids, and me for that matter.


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the math is very screwed up

65x2=130 miles per day x5 for the normal person = 650

if she drives an Expedition at 18 miles to the gallon on a 25 gallon tank = 450 miles

so 2 tanks a week = 117.50 but also 900 miles what is she doing with the other 250 miles of gas???



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mlakrid said:
Expedition at 18 miles to the gallon

That my friend is the real joke.

Ford is notorious for using more gas than Chevy or Dodge. The ratings on Fords can be cut usally but 25-50% to achive your true mileage. 90% of our fleet are Fords, and there are a few people here who drive them. All say the same thing, it uses more fuel.

Chevy is the best per HP, laden or unladen for fuel efficiency.

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