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Gaming evolution!


Ooops i did it again!
Hello everyone. Im doing a "paper" in school, and i want to know if any of you can tell me how gaming has evolved over the years? Everything you can come up with, post it here :devious: Would be a help!

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atari 2600
spectrum 48K
atari st
master system
mega drive
phillips cd-i

not an accurate time line but it should give you a basis to go from - top to bottom = oldest to newest - i didn't include hand held's, suppose you can say that's one one gaming has evolved

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slightly different i believe, different hardware inside, i could be wrong, but i don't care :p

I'm not really a game player any more so cant really so what it will be like
The future of gaming--ahhhh, a subject after my own heart. Here goes:

Game publishers are killing hardcore gaming as we know it. The worst fear of the game publisher is piracy, so they have decided to cut costs by producing cheap party games like Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Party 8. "Pirated? No biggie! We didn't put much into it anyway. We have no pride in anything we do, and our wallets are fat. Who cares?"

The future of gaming is the Wii...no more does anyone have the time and patience to play deep and involved games, nor do many developers developers feel like putting a lot of effort and pride into A-quality games with little profit margin. We're going to be picking a stranger's nose in Wario Ware until the end of time unless game studios direct their developers to make games from the heart rather than from the wallet.

Also, I posted this on another site, but
Nintendo is the first company to figure out that few people truly want innovation; it's more profitable to release ten year old games on five year old hardware.

Why the Wii is selling so well can be attributed in large part to the fact that it is marketed to and bought by non-gamers. When people who don't play games buy a system (bored housewives, nursing home operators, the queen of England) it has created a new set of buyers rather than borrowing from an existing one. It sells more because it has a different market.

It's made for casual gaming, and does its job well. For those who play video games more than casually, it just sits on the shelf. People who play video games a lot--outside of the usual pack of fanboys that every system has--will almost never cite Wii as the system they play the most.

Hopefully in the next few years, the first-time gamers will start enjoying games with more complexity and depth, ushering in a bright and new and successful era for gaming development. However, the success that Nintendo is enjoying could also break the other way and gaming may spiral into the uninspired parlor games that make up the majority if the Wii's current crop.
Sorry to cite the Wii, but as the foremost offender in the casual games department and the biggest mover of systems, a lot of the credit for ruining the industry goes to them. You won't see games like Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Ratchet and Clank Future, The Witcher, Stalker, or Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on the Wii. Why? The cost.

It costs too much to have good hardware. It costs too much to pay a top-end production team to make a great game. The absence of cost from repackaging ROMs and charging money for them gives them nearly infinite profitability on every 20 year old ROM they sell. Nintendo is out solely to satisfy its own profit and takes no pride in the games it produces. Where the other systems are struggling to make a profit, they at least take pride in their and produce consoles (RRODs aside ;)) and games that are worthy of playing and selling.

Feel free to quote, plagiarize, or flame.
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Gets in old man chair.......

I remember playing with myself, then later my parents bought us kids a Nintendo.
After that a Super nintendo, then a Play station. I started playing PC games around 15 a ****ty old Gateway with blazing fast 56K and playing some game I can't remember the name of. Then someone mentioned MechWarrior 2, and I remember getting a RAGE card to play it on, as it wouldn't play for **** otherwise. Then my mom bought Civ2, I had played the original CIV and it was OK, but CIV 2 with windows graphics made me appreciate the finer things in staying up till 2 or 3 doing the whole "just one more turn" thing. I still do that too, bugs the **** out of my wife.

About that time I found that drinking with friends was cool, and met some girls, so the late night training paid off. Bada boom, very little time left for gaming.

I moved out on my own, and quit the computer scene for awhile. Later in life as I began to notice the things were becoming quite popular I got another old one. 486DX, and it played Civ2 but just barely. This is about the time **** went wrong for me, but that is another issues, and led to my current employment. So it wasn't all that bad I guess. But on with it. At teh time I only dreamed of some of the games at the store like Need for Speed 2 even though it was dated, and Need for speed High Stakes. It was at that time I made the leap into the box again. AMD K6-2 350 that was used along with a newer Soyo board, and 256MB of ram running Win 95. I had a Cirrus PCI adapter for video, and a Creative sound card. Next up was a move to 512MB of RAM, a 450Mhz chip, and a used video card. I have no idea what video card that was.

At 20 I got a new toy. Radeon 7500 AGP moved up to Windows 98, bought my first CD-R. I played games, overclocked, tried dry ice, regular ice, and even the flat bottom of a cup with lots of silicon based TIM and icewater. Thank god that the silicon stuff wasn't conductive or capacitive, I had no idea about what I was really doing.

I took pride in the fact that I could dismantle, reassemble, and hack windows to pieces, including breaking the registry and fixing it.

As time went on I played more and more games, moving from the MS-DOS and a old clacky keyboard to the ones that required a mouse too (ohh the excitement) and then a controler. I thought that I was the ****. Till 2001.

A friend led me into the dark side, late nights of playing GTA 3 and drinking beer. It was awesome (PS2). Beating down the ho's and driving around through the whole place, like a racing with the adventures of zelda and whores and violence all thrown in a blender. Damn it was good. Once you beat it a few times and discovered everything it grew boring.

Civ 3 was out so I was back to playing that, I moved up to XP as Need for speed hot persuit would lock up on my system, XP helped that. About that time there were many other games I dabbled in, but none really grew on me. GTA:VC was good on the PS2, but wouldn't run on my PC later. In 2003 I managed to get a Coppermine P3 700 and kept my 7500 AGP, got a 40GB hard drive, and later moved up to a 8000 series ATI card. I upgraded my CD-R to a faster one and got a ultra speed CD-ROM for copying CD's and other stuff. Later the Ultra speed died with my Civ2 game inside, the disk blowing apart, so much for that ****.

Soon after I sold the system to a friend and bought a Celery 1.8Ghz and built around that, using my 8500. My system is still running in our other store, it had to have the HS/F replaced last week. Around this time there were stirrings about the next big game EVAR. And so I began my drooling crazed love of HL2. I got as much money as I could together and got me a new system ready, the last piece in place was a 9600XT that came with a HL2 coupon. All in my brand new Preshotttttt system.

Now I have a gaming grade mouse, keyboard, controller, steering wheel, 5.1 surround sound, headset with mic, and the rest of my system all made for gaming.

So where did we start? 486DX and a MS-DOS game.

Where are we now? 3800+ X2 overclocked. HD3870 512MB Overclocked, 2GB RAM Overclocked.

Everything overclocked that can be. Now we has the toys we only dreamed about back in the day.
Future of gaming?

Hmmm. As far as I can see it has peaked and is in decline. All you get now is processor hungry eye candy. There has not been anything new or innovative in at least 2 years. Game play is not as enjoyable as before, plots are non-existant, strategy in FPS has disappeared.

Nobody has come out with anything newor innovative in a long time. Too much effort is being expended on pretty graphics and nothing on the substance of the games. Games from 8 years ago I could play until 3 in the morning and have no idea how much time has passed. Now I'm lucky if I stay interested in a game for more than an hour a time.


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I don't think it is the games Lee, I struggle to stay playing most of the time, and I have a hard time justifying new game purchases. It seems like every game comes out and costs $50 for a few hours of fun. There are still some jewels being made though, Civ, and many multi player games.

But about the games being too much about the pretties, there are two sides to that coin, there are alot of times I can be playing a older game wishing for a bit more realistic. And there are newer games that are supposedly super realistic, but require a gaming system that costs more than my car to play at top resolutions and settings.

Crysis, oooohhh pretty, but like Halo with better graphics and it runs just as terrible.
Bioshock, I will not touch, game seems good, but I had a hell of a time removing SecuRom after playing the demo. Who puts a anti-copy hijacker in a demo? really.

The next big release I am looking forward to is GTA. Plot, development, more than just a shoot anything, not a see who can drive the fastest, not a game where you are forced down a specific route, and a game that reminds you that you are not doing what it wants you to do.

There has been news of a newer battlefield game due out that is free but uses ads, and some sort of a online reacharound system to get brownie points. And no, I don't mean grandma's brownies. The ideas of ad's in a game that you pay full price for is sickining, at least drop the price, hell make the price only enough to cover the distribution and end sellers profit, and or make it downloadable.

I will never buy a game that uses in game ads to make the company that I already paid more money, so they ignore the end user. Unfortunately we are surrounded by idiots who feel that invasion of their privacy is OK and who don't seem to care when large companies double dip. Just give them the remixed entertainment from the sewer pipe of games of yesteryear. Throw in some goodies like being able to jump higher and run faster, you are a superhuman, you are a animal, now go kill. Bla bla bla.

Since someone other than Atari fixed their game for them after screwing over a large portion of the gamers, I have been able to play Test Drive Unlimited, just got my Momo as a fact. The game seems awesome, but I will not buy another Atari product, they bent most of us over and ****ed us hard. Gave the 360 quite a few car packs, and updates, we got one that didn't work for anyone, and gave us two free cars. Woo woo.

I guess you can see a good game like this, who is left playing it, modding it, and still loving it.

GTA series has more mods than you can shake a stick at. Including PC multilayer mods.
HL2 and many other source games have a following larger than the population of many small countries.
Civ has mods, and people still rocking out on games older than the internet almost twice over.
Stalker has mods being built right and left.
Doom. Need I say more?

What about games like Test Drive Unlimited. Less than a year ago it was released on PC, and already the modders have closed up shop and moved on.
I would mention more, but honestly I can't remember them as they are crap that was blended with more crap to make it taste like a different crap. And there will be no end to those type of games.


Ooops i did it again!
Thanks for the replies :) Bet definetly keep'em coming !

Its for my english exam, (i live in Denmark) so its my second language, so its nice to get some grammatic-correct(?) answers :D

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