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Games with win XP



Most of the games I can't play with win XP.I look for new frivers for my graphic card but nothing seems to help.
What can I do?


how about giving us your system specs... that would be a good start. From there how about what games are you trying to play. Also, just what is your problem with these games.

Just to say youre having a problem and not stating what the problem is.. makes it real hard to trouble shoot.


Pentium II 350Mhz
RAM 384
Video card Cougar Maxi gamer

The games Harry Potter,The sims an many more
they worked on win Me
but not on XP
harry potter runs fine for me on XP, even says xp compat on the box...as for the sims alot of people are havin trouble with it =o(


Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament, Red Faction, Ghost Recon, Max Payne, Sim City 3000, Return To Castle Wolfenstein and a few others I've tried which I can't remember right now work fine.


What can I do about it.Could it be that may pc is to "small" 350Mhz for win xp and games?Maybe xp needs a lot from my computer?!


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
isn't 350mhz less than recommend for running xp. Definatly less than recommended for most recent (last year or more) games

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
350mhz lol

Sorry boys but you can run winxp on 266mhz and 64mb ram ...... ok that would be like really a drag but dont be telling a guy his 350mhz wont run xp thats just not true .. as for the games that run and dont run I find that most times its the user and the set up that are not right ...... yes there are games where there is a bug that is the fault of the game/os but after all does anyone know of anything that is 100% perfect all the time without fail?? I am sure if someone has a problem that can be fixed its a matter of explaining the problem in detail and being able to follow orders lol "quote" A computer is only as good as the person pushing the buttons" ......... and this is most often the real problem just dont be to quick to say well 350mhz wont run xp ....... thats just talking out the side of your mouth :p :p :p


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
No, it doesn't say 350 won't run xp it says its less than recommened which it is. coupled with running some games, especially latest games it is very slow.
It could well be something else, but the fact is 350 is very slow for todays gaming


I could play all the games with windows me
I think it is may video card,I overclocked the nvidia drivers and some games do play now

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Yeah is that right??

Windows XP Professional > How to Buy > Upgrading

Windows XP Professional System Requirements

Posted: August 24, 2001

Here's What You Need to Use Windows XP Professional
PC with 300 megahertz or higher processor clock speed recommended; 233 MHz minimum required (single or dual processor system);* Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor recommended
128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended (64 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and some features)
1.5 gigabytes (GB) of available hard disk space*
Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor
CD-ROM or DVD drive
Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
yes i looked at that smart arse.

fact. 350mhz is very slow and has been for several years. anything lower than 500mhz is very dodgy for xp
fact. Anyone who knows any thing knows minimum specs aren't worth the paper there written on. Microsoft would say it runs on a Atari 2600 if they thought it would sell more

I'm not going to bother arguing this any further.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

The fact you need to name call proves your wrong.
and like I said you were talking out the side of your mouth
Quote"a 350mhz is less then the recommened value" Truth your wrong simple as that ....... takes a big man to admit he is wrong! Fact thats not you is it? ....... ok well sure a 350mhz is like (slow) lol compared to whats out there today .... but fact is you were just wrong end of story :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
Wow--- Hold the Fort !!!

I have set up and can play all the games (at least games released after quake 1) with no problems on a PII 350 machine.
From Quake II on works fine.
Hell, I can even play Max Payne-- even though is is below the 500 specs minimum.

So... the problem is not the games or XP itself. Initially I did an upgrade from W98 but had to try to fix too many quirks-- so I did a complete reformat and clean install of XP, upgraded my video driver (the driver supplied by XP sucked) then reinstalled and patched the games.

So far, other than the mouse problem with Half-Life/Counterstrike which is easily fixed, the games run fine.
Oh yeah-- with the low screen refresh rate you will get a headache after a while, but what the hell-- small price to pay!:D

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

Yes that was my point all along ......... like you I had win98 underneath for a while but it was a pain so I also did the clean install and I can play most anything I like its all about tweaking and making adjustments xp is a great platform and sure it has its down sides but gotta say its a kick ass platform all around its solid as a rock "never thought I was gonna say that about a windows platform" but they did it :p :p :p

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