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Games on TFT/LCD monitor.



Here is a question for all you guys out there that uses flatscreen monitors.

I am just wondering about what it is like (any major differences) in playing 3D games (like Vietcong & BF1942) on a TFT/LCD monitor than an ordinary CRT?
I am thinkin in getting one....




Computer Genius
i'm interested in this as well, i've heard different things from different people.

from the people i've talked to in person, they say ghosting is not a problem.

from the reviews on the big sites, they say ghosting is something to worry about.

either the review sites are too picky, or the people i've talked to are idiots.

which is it?


I may actually be insane.
It depends on the response rate, obviously a slow response rate isn't going to update the screen very often, and therefore leave a trail behind aka ghosting. But a very fast response rate will update quick enough for no ghosting to be seen.

I don't know what's a good rate etc, but I think that 0.25 or lower will suffice for gaming.. I could be wrong though ;)
Check out tomshardware they review the LCD monitors a couple times a year. The latest review finally said that the newest LCD's are fast enough for gaming now.


They also keep you posted on the dead pixel issue and each LCD makers return policy for dead pixels.

Those are the 2 biggest issues to keep in mind when buying an LCD. Other issue is viewing angle. It's very limited compared to a CRT.


hardware monkey
some lcd's are pretty bad at ghosting. these are usually the older or cheaper ones. laptop screens in general are pretty bad too.

but i bought my lcd (see sig) on an impulse buy (it was on sale) and haven't regretted it. and i'm an avid gamer. i won't lie and say there's no ghosting, but it's very minor and doesn't detract from the gameplay. i later found out that the dell ultrasharps are very good quality lcd's. i used to lan with a laptop and, even though it's ghosting was pretty bad, i got used to it and it didn't take away from my mad skillz. :p

i guess the one thing i miss about my crt where the high refresh rates. but it's hard to even say that becasue lcd's don't flicker at all. so 60hz on an lcd looks smooth as silk.


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I have a phillips 15 inch LCD and I notice no ghosting and it has a response time of 40ms 20up 20down my room mate has a sony 19" lcd with a 25ms response time his however has major ghosting we think its because its alot bigger and just easyer to see.

15 is a good lan sized lcd anything bigger IMO is just to much I rather have a good ol CRT for the 17+ sizes I have a 15 for lans and my 21 for everything else.
I have an Acer 17", and I have no problems gaming except for the limiting of the resolutions, for example my 17" doesnt support 1280x960 only 1280x1024 and a lot of games still like their 4:3 ratio

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