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Game hosting as Admin/Limited User



Hello... I have 3 users setup on my system. The main Administrator account, User A with administrator rights
and User B as Limited user. Now when hosting the game Medal of Honor as User A I have all kinds of people jump into the game either over game spy or IP to IP. Now if I try to host a game as User B then nobody can connect to the game. As soon as I include User B as part of the administrators group everything is fine again. I'm running a SMC Barricade 4 port router and I have it setup as a DMZ host when playing internet games. XP firewall is turned off.

Is it possible to have User B with limited access to host a game or do I need to change policies for that user. When I goto Manage my Computer and goto properties on User B it doesn't give me any policy options. I really don't want User B to have administative rights but only limited rights but this user should be
able to host an internet game.

Any help would be appreciated.:confused:
it's gonna be a pain to setup like that, what you would have to do is goto secpol.msc and edit the security policies for the user groups from there so that you can allow user b to host the game.


Hello... Thanks for the info... I check this out when I get home from work....


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