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game dies on me

ok in almost of all of my games that i play when i am about half way throught it, it just dies and brings me back to windows, now i know it is not a heat problem and i have the most recient drivers for my nvivia gforce 2 mx200 64mb ddr and i know it is not a ram proglem because it is all new at 896mb and my cpu is a amd athlon 1ghz, if anyone has encountered this before and knows waht is happening then i would love for you to help me. oh yea and i ran all of teh DX tests and they are fine and i ahve the latest DX
The only thing that might tell you why the games are dying on you is if you open Event History (Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer). The answer should be in the System or Application category. There should be an entry at the exact time the game died that tells you why it died.

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