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30 Oct 2006
One night, a delta twin-engine puddle jumper was flying somewhere above new jersey. There were five people on board: the pilot, michael jordan, bill gates, the dali lama, and a hippie. Suddenly, an illegal oxygen generator exploded loudly in the luggage compartment, and the passenger cabin began to fill with smoke. The cockpit door opened, and the pilot burst into the compartment.

"Gentlemen," he began, "i have good news and bad news. The bad news is that we're about to crash in new jersey. The good news is that there are four parachutes, and i have one of them!" With that, the pilot threw open the door and jumped from the plane.

Michael jordan was on his feet in a flash. "Gentlemen," he said, "i am the world's greatest athlete. The world needs great athletes. I think the world's greatest athlete should have a parachute!" With these words, he grabbed one of the remaining parachutes, and hurtled through the door and into the night.

Bill gates rose and said, "gentlemen, i am the world's smartest man. The world needs smart men. I think the world's smartest man should have a parachute, too." He grabbed one, and out he jumped. The dali lama and the hippie looked at one another. Finally, the dali lama spoke. "My son," he said, "i have lived a satisfying life and have known the bliss of true enlightenment. You have your life ahead of you; you take a parachute, and i will go down with the plane."

The hippie smiled slowly and said, "hey, don't worry, pop. The world's smartest man just jumped out wearing my backpack."

- Lisa

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