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Full screen Problem


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My old Nvidia 8800 ultra turned over and died on me and I have replaced it with a Nvidia285gtx from Asus.

My problem is that I am unable to see the taskbar, sides or top of the application windows and even the Vista Orb. Even by changing the resolution, the problem still occurs.

I am connecting via a HDMI cable.

I have updated the drivers, but to no avail.

My monitor is a Viewsonic 24inch (VX2435wm), native resolution 1929x1200.

The screen is normal if I attach my 22incH iiyama monitor via a DVI cable, as is my Viewsonic.

I dont understand why it worked fine via HDMI on the old 8800 but not on this monitor using the same cables etc
Does anybody have any ideas?

Many thanks in anticipation
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