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ftp transfers just die

Dark Atheist

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well as the topic says all the ftp transfers i try with files that are over 150meg just die, no errors in logs no nothing.

Both pcs vista ultimate, one x64 the other x86, i have tried ioftpd,serv-u,msftpd all do the same xfers just bomb - even tried different ftp clients again the same happens.

Funny thing is that it seems that if i use network (my network neighbourhood in xp and below) then files transfer fine, which seems strange.

I have tried port pasv turned off firewall everything i can think of and still the error remains :(

Dark Atheist

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after some more digging i have found out that it seems to be a known bug and was supposed to have been fixed, might well have been using smb2 (windows network transfer) ftp on the other hand..... still after a few test seems it has no probs with rar files up to a certain size, and is transfering them happily - maybe its just large video files it doesnt like and locks the file on


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There has been an issue with certain types of files that get uploaded. It would probably be better if you try to rename it ... See if that works. if it does then you know ...

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