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FSGS for Age of Mythlogy


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Im sorry this is off subject but do you have the Titans addon? If you do can I bother you to ask how it is? Thanks :)
Age of Mythology: The Titans = Awshum new expansion... read up on the goodies here. then go buy it.

as for FSGS... Id like to know how to do that for AOM as well...

*edit - I misread... You want to find an FSGS, and I want to make one... maybe someone can answer both of those questions
might be... be nice if there was just a standalone app like in MoH, or even better, a dedicated option like in Counter-Strike

I know how to run an AoM game through LAN (as anyone does), but havent tried using Public IP to have people connect... maybe that will work (given the right ports are open)?

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