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FS: iMac G5 w/ 2 GB RAM, Warranty, absolutely loaded package


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Hello All,

Misfortune has hit me, and I find myself in need of money to pay bills and provide for my family and young daughter. A rather unexpected financial lurch :(

So, I am forced to sell my only computer, and prized system. My iMac G5.

It is a fully loaded system, with just about everything you could need.

If you would rather skip straight to a page with detailed pictures of my system, it's included items, and a HTML formatted description, then click here:


Otherwise, on with the text description below :)

Here are the specs:

iMac G5 17-Inch

1.8 GHz G5 CPU

2 Gigabytes of RAM (yes that's right 2 full gigabytes)

80 Gigabyte Hard Drive

SuperDrive DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-R

Apple Keyboard

Apple Mouse

Included Software:

Mac OS 10.4.1 "Tiger" Retail Package

AppleWorks 6.2.9

iLife '05 (includes iMovie HD, iDVD, iTunes, GarageBand, etc.)

NeoOffice 1.1 (Full Office Suite compatible with MS-Office)

Quicktime Pro 7 Full Registered Version with receipt and key (this is the full Pro version with full editing capabilities)

DVDxDV for Tiger (Full Registered / Paid version with receipt and key) Utility for extracting video from DVD movies and converting it to be imported into iMovie.

OS X Cocktail (Full Registered / Paid version with receipt and key - Lifetime free upgrades) Utility for performing regular system maintenance and custom OS X performance tweaks.

Norton AnitiVirus 9.0 for OS X (Upgraded via download purchase from the retail box version of Norton Anti-Virus 8.0 using Symantec's online download purchase - I have the online receipt showing the purchase of the upgrade).

TechTools Deluxe (a great diagnostic and repair utility)

NanoSaur 2 (3D Dinosour adventure / action game) Great graphics and a challenging game.


and some other misc. games.

For those of you unfamiliar with the iLife package mentioned above, here is a brief summary of it's features:

iMovie HD (high-definition) & iDVD: This package enables you to create your own DVD movies / DVD disks using easy tools and even lets you add menus and transition screens, text captions, animations, etc. Just like the DVD movies you buy at the store.

iPhoto: Store, organize, and edit your pictures straight from your digital camera. Allows you to create a library of photos on your hard drive. And has basic editing capabilities. This program also has the ability to put together photo books and order hard-cover, soft-cover, and other misc. types of professional books from your photos. Additionally, you have some nice powerful image re-touching abilities. Even the ability to straighten select items in your photos. Talk about power!!!!

GarageBand: Compose your own music using a powerful synthesizer-type interface (no additional hardware required). Features tons of instruments, and wonderful tools. I really like this program.

iTunes: Basically, this program allows you to create a huge MP3 library from your music CD's, and even create MP3 CD's that contain considerably more music than your regular CD can hold. I've used this program to place my entire music collection on 6 MP3 CD-ROM's. Normally, that would be several hundred CD's. Takes a lot less space as an MP3 :)

I am also including the original iMac G5 installation DVD-ROM disks and manuals. And, obviously all the cables are included.

Misc. Bonus items being included:

A handful of Misc. Mac CD-ROM's, MacAddict CD-ROM's, MacAddict Magazines, Mac World Magazines, Mac Home Magazines.

There is also a handful of open-source / freeware video editing tools, which I have used quite heavily, that will be included

Mac Secrets "Panther Edition" Book (a great and very thick book about OS X and how to get the most out of it's hidden features)

Mac Answers Book (a great thick book with answers to common questions)

Mac Secrets "5th Edition" Book (another great book that uncovers hidden tricks)

and probably even a few other misc. books.

There's probably even a few other items that I'll stumble onto.

The extended warranty package:

I also have purchased AppleCare for the computer. Since that is a transferable warranty, the new owner would get the machine with a great warranty package. It currently has approx. 2.5 years left on the warranty.

According to the terms of the warranty, all I have to do is send Apple a signed letter showing that you are the new owner.

With this extended warranty package, you can buy with confidence knowing that you will be receiving a full warranty from Apple Computer with well over 2 years of coverage. No risk here :)

All original materials:

I do have all the original manuals, installation DVD's, retail box / packaging, and all other original items. This includes the boxes for OS X 10.4 Tiger, the AppleCare warranty package, and the iMac G5 computer, etc.

The Price:

So, for the Package listed above (with the computer, and the video editing / Pro software, etc.), I am asking about $1560 U.S. Dollars "or Best Offer" (plus shipping costs).

I thought this might be a fair price for the package with all the extras.

I will consider all offers. Naturally, the higher offers will be considered more heavily :)

I "baby" my computer equipment. So, this machine is still in great shape. I keep everything very clean.

Let me know what you think. And, if you would like to work something out.

Virtual PC 7.02 with Windows XP Professional available:

I do also have a retail package of Microsoft's Virtual PC 7.02 (the latest version with current updates) and Windows XP Professional. I would be willing to sell it with the computer if you want it for a bundled total of $1700 or "Best Offer". The Virtual PC package may also be available separately.

Customizing the package:

Naturally, like all things in life, the price may be negotiable. I am willing to discuss altering the package and selling some of it's features separately if you would prefer to buy the system as a reduced package. So, let me know if you have some thoughts there.


I am located in Alaska, U.S.A. Zip code 99645

I have a variety of shipping methods available. So, I can work with the buyer to obtain the best and most cost effective shipping method for their location. The computer is still being used (even to post this message). Since it is my only computer, I can't package it up until we have a deal in progress. Then, I'll be borrowing a portable from family to handle e-mail for a while.

It is my only computer right now, so I would need a few days to get everything saved onto a CD so that it can be read by whatever computer replaces it down the road.

This is a hard move to make, so I hope to find my prized machine a good home. I wouldn't sell it if I didn't need the money for some pressing bills.

Payment info:

I am able to accept PayPal and Money Orders. While I will gladly accept PayPal, I would prefer Money Orders since PayPal takes a pretty hefty commission fee. Right now, every little bit makes a difference.

If you would be more comfortable with references, I have sold some items on e-bay in the past. So, you can check my references there if you like:


Contact Information:

You can e-mail me directly at:

I check that account several times a day

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Again, all the pictures can be viewed on the page at the following link:

Thank you,

Michael Hunter


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Hello the_music_man,

"i'm sorry to hear that. maybe u should try selling it on ebay , u'll probably have more luck"

Thank you for your concern. I greatly appreciate it.

I may list it on e-bay, but am hoping to sell it privately first. I don't want to have to give-up more money for e-bay fees.

But, that is definitely an option.

Thank you :)

Michael Hunter


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your email address makes me nervous, as well as the information that you posted with it. it makes me think that you sell macs for a living. and given this is your first post adds to the concern. i would like to see some pictures of this thing with your username in front of it and the date.


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Brad said:
your email address makes me nervous, as well as the information that you posted with it. it makes me think that you sell macs for a living. and given this is your first post adds to the concern. i would like to see some pictures of this thing with your username in front of it and the date.
Hello Brad,

I am a bit confused by your message. I don't know how to reply.

I am a very thorough person, that is why I listed such a detailed description. I do not have a business, and I do not sell computers.

This is in-fact absolutely my only computer. I really am in a bad spot financially, that is the only reason this computer is being sold.

Yes, it is my first post, but that is because I only just found this forum while looking for a way to let people know that I am selling the computer.

I am not one that gets heavily involved in discussions and such. I just use the computer to do what I need it to do.

I am not sure if you saw the pictures on the small web-page that I put together. That shows that all of this is mine. In-fact, all the receipts that are mentioned in my listing are in my name and have my address on them.

The pictures are at:

You'll notice that the address is with a regular internet service provider in my area (mtaonline.net) and that my user-name immediately follows the service provider's name.

If you send an e-mail to the username provided in the URL (without the ~ symbol), it will get to me. That is my direct e-mail address.

I used a hotmail address in the forum posting and on the web-page because I heard that these places are scoured by web-bots for e-mail addresses. Since my wife has important stuff that comes to our personal account, I didn't want it to fill with junk.

So, I attempted to set-up a hotmail account. I ended up with the username "funwithmacs" because I just plain ran out of other ideas. I tried my name, I tried my last name, I tried combinations of both, and I tried some other more personalized words. They were just all taken by someone else.

So, in desperation for something that would work, I settled on "funwithmacs". I thought it was appropriate since I like Macintosh computers. I had absolutely no idea that someone would take it as a business address.

I am not a professional web-publisher by any means. So, the website was set-up very simply. I apologize if the pictures don't contain dates and such. I am sure that the dates are embedded in their creation information (When you command-click and say get info). I'm not sure if you will have to download them first or not to see their creation date.

I actually let the iMac G5 build the web-page for me. I simply let it import the pictures into iPhoto, and had it export them to a web-page, complete with preview buttons. I was absolutely amazed at this feature. I had never done that before, and could not believe how easy it was.

I just took the pictures with my digital camera, and iPhoto did the rest.

Then, all I had to do was use Netscape Composer to open the resulting file and copy and past my original message posting into the page.

A little formatting, and coloring, and it was done. I couldn't believe how easy it was.

After performing something so complex, so fast and easy (especially for the first time), I really have regrets selling this computer. I never thought putting together a website with thumb-nail pictures would be as easy as clicking on a button in the export box. Absolutely amazing.

To address your concerns, I really have no idea how to prove that I really am an individual in a terrible financial bind. I don't know of any way that someone could prove they are not a business.

Even if I were to alter the pictures, I don't know of any way that it would prove anything to you. It would just show that I learned how to alter the pictures as you propose.

I am willing to answer any questions you might have to help ease your mind that you are purchasing the computer from an individual.

I really don't know of any way to prove that. But, let me know if you do have questions.

Rest assured, this is not a scam. I really have to sell this machine to get the money we need. I would much rather keep the computer than make this sacrifice.

It's especially hard because I purchased every bit of it new and at full retail price for it at the time. So, I have invested at least $3000 (probably more) into the machine between it's purchase in November and the items added to it.

If I didn't really need the money, there is no way I would dream of selling it for the price proposed in my listing.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions.

Michael Hunter


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holding a sign in front of the machine would indicate that you are in fact in ownership of the machine and not just some guy that is trying to rip off people.


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Hello All,

I wanted to thank everyone for their supportive e-mails and good wishes.

I have found a buyer for my system. So, it is now spoken for.

The buyer didn't want a couple of items, so we negotiated a lower price for the system without those items.

So, I have the following items left available:

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger full retail package. Complete.


Microsoft's Virtual PC 7.0.2 and Windows XP Professional full retail package. Complete.

I'll consider offers on those items.

It also sounds like she may not want some of the books I have. So, some of those may be available when everything is finalized.

Again, thank you all for the supportive e-mail messages.

This sale has at least helped to improve our situation.

Thank you.


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Congratulations :)

I know first hand that it is not the easiest thing in the world to have a loaded system sold as one unit.

Update the thread title to SOLD when all items for sale have been moved via transactions. :)


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Sazar said:
Congratulations :)

I know first hand that it is not the easiest thing in the world to have a loaded system sold as one unit.

Update the thread title to SOLD when all items for sale have been moved via transactions. :)
Thank you :)

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