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FS - EISYSTEMS Laptop + Extras

1.7GHz Intel Celeron Processor
128MB DDR266 RAM
20Gb Hitachi Hard Disk Drive
Sony DVD / CD-RW combi-drive
14.1” TFT Screen
10/100 Network Port
56k Smartlink Modem port
2 x USB2.0 Ports
PS/2 external mouse port
Parallel port
VGA out port
TV-out port
External USB Floppy Drive
Battery (2-3hrs) and power cable
Driver CD, including all required drivers and utilities for the laptop

OS: Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4)
Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 1) Full Licensed Copy
Slackware Linux 9.1
(or a dual boot system, windows + slackware)

Extras: Microsoft Office 2000 or Microsoft Office XP
Norton Anti-Virus 2003
Kerio Personal Firewall 4
Macromedia Studio MX (2003)
I haven't had the laptop even a year yet, around 4 months in fact. If you are interested you can get me via PM, or MSN (thekore4@msn.com), AIM (fergusfegruson). UK only



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You should post pictures if you are serious about selling it. It's a fact that users are more likely to purchase something that includes visuals.

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