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Fixed Front Page comments closes?


Woah.. I'm still here?
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Got this message when I tried to post a comment on an older front page news story:
Sorry, this news post has been closed for one of the following reasons:

• Discussions has gone off-topic and are no longer relevent to the original news topic.
• The news was posted in excess of one week ago and has been automatically closed.

As such you cannot post any comments to it.
Didn't know they closed automatically - also didn't know it would affect mods..


- geek -
Yep, the auto close has been like that for ages (to curtail spam). I'm not sure about the not even letting a Mod post though, unless forum privileges =! front page privileges. I do wish they had a "report post" button on the front page comments though.

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, we found some really really old news posts full of spam so went ahead with that, on the new system they will be forum posts so obviously far more obvious if they are being used as viagra offer repositories.

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