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Fried PC



I had a TurboLink LC-A350ATX 350 watt power supply in the system listed in my sig. I had a 250GB SATA drive, two 40GB EIDE drives, an LG Electronics GSA-4040 DVDRW drive, a Zalman 5100 CPU fan, and a Turbo Cool DC 12V case fan installed in the system as well. Also the Radeon 9800 Pro Ultimate 128MB uses the same kind of power connector that IDE drives use. Everything was fine for a couple days. I surfed the net, let it stay on overnight while I downloaded stuff, played Half-Life, but then I loaded up Halo (final) with all the fixins at 1024x768 and that worked great for a few minutes. Then my PC turned off and I think I smelled fried circuitry. I can not get the system to power on at all. I tried taking the PC to another outlet, taking out all hard disks, using different power cables but still I push the power on button and nothing happens. Was the system underpowered? Would that cause my power supply to fry? How many watts should I go for in this system bearing in mind that I plan on adding a PCI ATA/133 controller, another 250GB SATA, a 120GB IDE, and a 250GB IDE drive later, in addition to the 3 hard disks that are installed right now? The A7N8X Deluxe v2.00 board has the ASUS CPU Overheating Protection, so that probably means my power supply is fried and everything else should be OK, is that correct? Any recommendations for anything I should do?


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With so many HDs in there, I think your mobo + cpu got fried!
It happened to my system when I had a 300W PSU. replaced the PSU and the system fan spins.. but nothing on the screen.
You'll most probably need to replace the memory too. but not too sure about that part since i migrated to DDR after my system fried.


I took the 300 watt power supply out of my old machine and put it in this one. Everything seems to be OK. Now the only thing I need to do is buy a new power supply. What wattage should I be going for with the following specs?

AMD Athlon XP 3200
A7N8X Deluxe v2.00
1024MB Kingston HyperX DDR400 PC3200
Radeon 9800 Pro Ultimate 128MB
Turbo Cool 12V DC case fan
Zalman CNPS5100-Alcu heat sink and cooling
PCI ATA/133 controller card
1 DVDRW drive

Or if you'd like to recommend a specific power supply you think is neat that's cool too. I want one that will run cool and silent. Expensive is OK, just let me know whatever you think of.
You just fried one POS no name power supply. Why are you going to buy another one?? You got lucky this time the rest of the PC survived. Don't push your luck again.


Spend the extra $35 bucks for a real power supply.

Since your setting it up like a server with that many hard disks go for a 450W or higher (preferably higher).

Watch Best Buy and Compusa for sales and rebates.

PS Disconnect everything that isn't absolutely essential until you get a real power supply before you fry the whole mess. 300W is way under sized for 6 HD.


Yea I only plugged one HDD and my graphics card in. I'm about to buy a Thermaltake Xaser Silent Purepowerâ„¢ Black 480W w/PFC, mainly because this place has really cheap next day shipping. I've done some extensive research and I think this compares well to Antec and Enermax. Correct me if I'm wrong before I finalize my purchase.

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