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Freeze With Msn 6.0 Final and Msn8.5

Hi all, Everytime i connect to the internet i hav msn messenger 6.0 runnin in the taskbar so the second i connect msn 6 starts to connect however wen i sign into msn8.5 wit msn 6.0 already runnin my computer totally Freezes then 30 or so secs letter the screen updates, Freezes again and it does this till i restart the system n close down msn6 and run msn8.5 1st?

it does not do this with internet explorer

Wats going on? lol

Pls Help?


Its pretty simple really from personal knowledge with looking at screenshots of the silly paid MSN Explorer that does basicly look like the old Explorer just with a price tag. Basiclly its proberbly because of the fact that either MSN Explorer 8.5 is attempting to run its built in MSN Messenger whilst your other MSN Messenger is already running therefore creating a glitch possibly. If this is not the case and you have already tried just running MSN Explorer 8.5 without MSN 6 running also, then it could be a fault with MSN Explorer therefore just re-download or re-install it or check for any updates?

Question: Whens MSN Explorer 9 Released? :confused:

Msn 9 is soon an so is 6.1 so im gona wait 4 then, cos im not payin anything @ the mo cos im still on the trial but today the comp just froze wen msn6 signed in? so i dunno lol
re-download MSN 6.0 or try out MSN 6.1 Beta. No real errors found with it. Seems like a good update from 6.0 with some extra stuff. Worth ago i supose. You may as well try out the MSN Messenger side to see if thats the problem plus it wouldnt affect your subscription with MSN 8.5

I supose you could always go into the settings on MSN Explorer 8.5 and see whether it can give you an option to disable the in-built MSN Messenger so it doesnt attempt to start up when the MSN Explorer opens.

Give those ago

Originally posted by ste_w
ok Cheers al
n It Didnt do it today so i may as well try lol
It didnt do what today? It didnt freeze?
Have you downloaded the MSN Beta 6.1?

Lemme know if it helped or not so that i can think up more ideas of what it could be

Well i dont really know the offical date but i hear its out soon. But i know that this beta has no real problems to it. Its a good version and as commented, it will be released soon. I guess you could always try the beta release rather than having a few more days of having the annoying moments of a frozen computer. Im in the same shoes as you when it comes to freezing except i just get blue screens of death instead of freeze screens. If i were you, i would try out the Beta MSN 6.1 so i know that it might be able to help the problem rather than wait for how ever long it will take for the release for the same answer. Why wait when you can get the answer sooner? :D

Alex :cool:

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