Freeware / Trial / Open Source Program migration software?


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15 Sep 2003
I'm in need of a program that can transfer an installed program from 1 xp machine to another to make it work. I've tried transferring the folder and other needed files over and it has not worked.

The Program is:

MyInvoice and Estimates Deluxe or MyDeluxe Invoice and Estimates. It's version 4.2 and is probably from year 2000. Or if someone knows where I can download a trial for that version because I have what appears to be the working serial for the software.

I have a client that really needs this for his business and the software is on his laptop which is on it's last leg.

Any ideas?
Use Google and hunt for it, if its possible

if not I would get ahold of customer service of the company and figure out a way to upgrade to the latest version since you have the correct key?

link to avanquest software
1) Call the manufacturer and ask for a replacement install disk.

2) You can't transfer a program without manually transfering the directories, all the .dll files stashed in common directories, config files stashed in multiple places AND the REGISTRY SETTINGS! The last part is a manual job and a time killer.

3) The easy way out is to get a couple of $5 LAPTOP to desktop HD connector adapters. I think I got mine at Meritline. Plug the laptop's HD into a desktop and using a HD image program make an image of the HD to a new disk and install that new disk into the new PC. BUT to make this technique works you need to strip out the laptop peculiar drivers from the original laptop HD.

Details, follow them closely or you can end up with nothing:
1) Get a second laptop HD and image the entire laptop contents to the new (backup) HD. You might be able to this in the laptop but I would use a desktop and 2 drive adapters.
2) Install the new HD into the LAPTOP make sure it boots and the program is still usable.
3) Now go into device manager and delete every device!
4) Remove the backup HD and image it to a desktop HD. You now have virgin HDs that can be installed into a desktop or laptop.
5) Place the backup HD into the new computer(s) and boot. Windows should now install the drivers, with some assistance from driver disks, and you will have a funtional system with the original laptop cloned.
6) Install the origianl HD back into the original laptop.

Be DAMN SURE you have all the drivers for the new PC(s) available. This is especially risky if the new machine is a LAPTOP. That is why I said make a laptop and a desktop copy. Your client is nuts if he doesn't have a desktop clone of his laptop anyway. LAPTOPs are subject to too many catastrophic data losses (theft, dropsy etc). You can pick up laptops and desktops for $300-400 dollars these days and that is chump change for ensuring a businesses data integrity.
Sadly, the company is only out to make money. They make it look like they have emailable tech support but in reality, they have a section for FAQs and then they direct you to call them, which is $24.95 for the first 10 minutes. (UGH) I may actually have to solder the power connector for this laptop afterall instead of transfering the software to his other machine...
I think I actually found a loophole to moving the program. I copied the directory for the program onto my external hard drive. I downloaded the LATEST version of the software which is 2.8 versions newer. Installed the trial, and then copied the older version directory into the new version directory and replaced it. After that I launched the program no problem. Seems to be working fine... I just hope it accepts the serial just fine.

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