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FreeBSD FileServer{Setup}


Hey Everyone... As you may have known from my Ip Addy post... im trying to get a fileserver setup...

My hardware is a pentium 233mhz, 128mb ram, 5gig hd (which i will eventually upgrade to the highest possible for the mobo :) )

I know this setup is ancient and out of date, however for a simple http fileserver I think it will work...

I am downloading FreeBSD right now for the os, and plan to instal the current stable version of apache...

Does anyone have experience with installing these items? I have worked with linux in the past, however I never configured Apache except for the binary version on windows, and the unix distros are all source so I just wish that someone knows how to do this and they would take the time to explain it to me :D

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yeah the freebsd handbook is an awesome resource if your new to freebsd or an experienced admin.

Have a read through that and also the docs for apache at httpd.apache.org.

You should then have a better understanding of the basics so you can ask us the right questions such that we can help you out :)
ok.. thanks for the link guys...

I have reformatted the hd, and booted into the BSD setup via/ boot floppies.... now it prompts for the instal media which i have selected cd...

when i put my cd in and hit enter it says that it looks more like an audio cd than a bsd release - the iso was burnt with terminal on mac and i thought maybe it was courupt so i burnt another iso from my averatec with the CDBurnerXPPro application. same problem

any ideas?
i have burnt many successfull iso's in the past however right now i can't remember what settings i used.. it's been awhile :( with cdburner xp pro i have got the drive to recognize the cd, however it boots into some stupid program that recognizes the cd as a floppy disk and it doesn't display any of the files of the iso...

does anyone have ideas as to how i should create a bootable iso on pc or mac?


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On a mac, open up Disk utility, drag FreeBSD-RELEASE-CD1.iso to the side bar, now clikc on it, and at the top click "burn", it will now burn the CD, which is also bootable.

Now, stick your floppies in the drive, and follow the entire drive set up, then when it asks you for media, say CD, then tell it to use the proper cd rom drive, if only one it wont ask, if you have two, the master is acd0 and the secondary is acd1, so pick the one with the CD, then you can hit next again, and finish installing.

Or, you can boot from floppies, and if it finds the NIC right away, you can download FreeBSD from one of the many mirrors that are available, and not need to have installation media, in this case a CD.
nah you dont want to be messing with that - he isos are already bootable - you just need toburn the iso to disc rather than as a file on the disc.
lordofla said:
rather than as a file on the disc.
I really am not that much of a iso newb :laugh:

on mac, i tried the disk util through the terminal command and it wouldn't accept that as a freebsd cd... still audio cd..

the cdrom i'm using is also an old (1996-97) cdrom and I don't know if it might have something to do with this? I cannot instal through ftp because the network card has issues and i'm gonna have a hard enough time configuring it once the os is installed...

I am going to see if i can find a newer cdrom in our storage unit, however in the meantime, any possible solutions would be appreciated :D
Techno Child said:
Please Help Somebody
I got a sandwich, so I helped myself :D

wrt burning cdrom, with the Mac you said you used Terminal... why? You can burn using /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.app

Just click the 'Burn' toolbar button, select your FreeBSD iso file from the file open file prompt window and click burn.

this is pretty much what X-Istence said though...
yeah... i tried that also... i just used terminal first because "hdiutil" is faster...

when i used disk utility, i get the same error... i just don't understand it... i think that the download went well-it didn't give me any error messages of file coruption... if you guys don't have any other suggestions, then I will try to redownload it...


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In the directory where you got your download, there is a file named md5sum, download that.

Now, open up Terminal and do:

md5 <path to iso>

Then cat md5sum and do a visual compare.
yeah.. they match.. so now i learned how to do the checksum thingy... thanks for explaining x-istence :D ....

great, now what :( ... what else could it be?
ok.. i went back to my 95 floppy disk figuring that i'd reformat the hd because the bsd setup floppys really messed up the disk partions :headache: for some reason my hd isn't responding now... in bios it shows up however when i boot into msdos i cannot switch to the hd or the cd drive...

any ideas? i'm going to try the factory restore disks later today and then i might be able to reformat using them...


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You probably won't be able to see the FreeBSD partition slices, because of the fact that they are UFS2 not FAT.

Anyways, you are burning your CD's wrong, and we can't do anything to help you since you say you know how to burn a CD>

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