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i see that udf support is in freebsd but do i have to change anything to get it to read udf dvdrs? because i have a few it reads correctly, but on others it truncates the filenames to 8.3 im guessing thats where i used 9660 when i burnt the disc but i also know that i used udf, as this is the default in imgburn, obviously windows sees the discs ok as does linux. Could it be because iso9660 is the only fs type in the fstab or do i need to add any switches when mounting the dvdr ?

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iso9660 doesnt keep long file names :( so i would have to rename (after sorting out whats what) everything, i just kept it the default that imgburn had it set as - this is teh poopie!!


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The UDF driver has under-gone many changes in the past months on the hackers mailling list at Many fixes have been made with regard to reading from discs that have split content, different block sizes and other such things. (This is all from what I remember, I am kind of sketchy on some of the details, or why they are required.)

Is the thread the discussion is in. I am expecting much of that to be committed to HEAD already.

UDF is not yet ready for cross-platform use.

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