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I been getting these emails on things like, get a free Sirius Satellite reciever with all accessories for home and car, including a free lifetime membership. All I have to do is enroll in a sponsorship promotion.

The thing is, are these things real. Or just a new type of spam ?? I would love to have a sirius satellite radio, I listen it on dishnetwork pratically 24/7. The car kit would make it even better. But, I don't want to get involved in it if it is a scam or something ..

More info for it is here:


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Well I know that .. It is really tempting though .. To get this you have two enroll in to things. I think I might try it to see what happens. If they fail I'll sue them for false advertising lol ..
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The prob with enrollment is what one opens their email to... If they have fine print I'd read it extremely careful; and better yet if they have a phone number or some form of contact other then "opting in" via email link...

If they don't have any fine print, caveat emptor...


sounds fishy to me.. If its like those freeipod pyramid schemes then don't waste your time, it might work but is it worth your time?

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