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Free Snail mail services which one cant resist!!


PrOuD InDiAn
Here is a list of few free snail mail services which one could make use of to send mails.


With this snail mail service one can write a letter from any web browser.Your letter or greeting card will be on its way within 2 business days.You can upload handwritten and scanned letters or personal greetings to add personal touch.

2.ePOSTIT is a service within which you need to compose your mail, provide the recipient's address and email them. They will print the mail and send it to the desired postal address. Once your mail is sent you will receive a confirmation message with the date and time your message has been mailed through the postal service.

3.eSnailer is a service available only in the US. Provide the address of the recipient and type the letter. They will print, envelope, stamp, and send your letter via regular U.S. postal mail free of charge.


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