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I found this game ages ago when I bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein Platmum Edition, it came with an extra game known as Enemy Territory. This game is without a doubt one of the best multiplayer FPS. The graphics I'll admit are slightly outdated but their not that bad. The community that plays ET also plays a majour role in making the game great. Normally you have these people that get a lucky kill then scream about them being leet/you being a noob. God I hate them damn noobs......

Anywho, the game may not be a BF2, HL2 or even anything close to CS. However it is a great game to play. You can download it from the enemy territory website for free.

ET Website


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I used to play it all the time as well. Was pretty good but I wish it had built-in voice commands like CS:S :cool:

I miss the classes but there is a new version coming out pretty soon based on the D3/Q4 engine afaik.

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