Free alternative ICS software?

indyjones Adventurer
5 Nov 2002
Hi all

Was hoping somebody could help, I am looking for a free (simplest possible) alternative to the built in internet connection sharing in winXP.


1) Cable/DSL router
2) pfSense on and old pc with dual network interfaces.
Thanks for the info, but that was not really what I was after I think it will help advice if I explain a bit more.
A mate has a router in one room connected to a media center pc (vista) and a long network cable connected to a desktop in an other room (XP pro).
Now in that second room he has now setup an xbox 360 which he shares monitor, keyboard etc with his desktop pc.
Now instead of the two easy options, being the over priced xbox wireless adapter, or a second hub/switch, we wanted to use a network cable and a crossover cable to share the single cable connection.
We have got the xbox running on live without a problem, but unfortunatly the windows ICS messes with media connection software so breaks the extender functions and will not enable streaming from eith the xp or the vista machine.
That is why we are looking for an alternative bit of software to the built in windows ics that does not cost the earth :)
No my friend does not fancy drilling another hole through the wall, ir running a separate cable
just get a switch. you can get 110mbit switches from maplins for £20 or so.

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