FPS in Half Life/DOD 2



I play Half Life/Days of Defeat 2, I generally get around 20/30 FPS before i was gettin a all time low of 7 fps.
I'm not much of a gamer, i only ever play DOD 2 so don't really know much about graphics cards etc

I was just wonderin on any thoughts you may have about the FPS i'm getting and how i may improve it at all, upgrades/tweaks etc

My system specs are- P3 733, 384 SD Ram, ATI 32MB Rage Fury Pro Graphics Card, Win XP Home, 512k Cable internet connection (B.Y.)

Shouldn't my system specs be more than enough to cope with this game?

Any thoughts/comments, much appreciated

MANY THANKS in advance


yeah ati graphics card arent good, get any geforce card2 and you ll be getting perfect fps.


I'm looking at a GeForce 3 128DDR TI 200 for £125 and thinkin of doin a clean install of XP at the same time.

Would this upgraded card make a worthy difference to Half Life- DOD2
Worthy difference? Hell yes!

I've got a Geforce 2 mx400 and I'm getting around 60 frames per second in Half-Life/Counter-Strike. It shouldn't make too much difference that your processor is a little slower as long as it can keep up with your new video card.

You should also run 3DMark2001se and compare the score of your current setup to the setup with the new video card. Then you'll really notice the quality of the upgrade.

I'd love a Geforce 3 or 4, but haven't the money to get one... maybe at the end of this year or early next year but not yet.

I wish u luck in your gaming and upgrades.



I currently get 700 in 3DMark2001SE, I know the graphics card upgrade would make a difference in more advanced games but as i only play Half Life - DOD2, Shouldn't my current card be able to handle this "oldish" game anyway?


Well first off i wouldn't listen to these peeps talk about ATI cards not being good as they dont know anything...as for your video card...I wouldn't expect it to do very well in the gaming department so don't expect much more than your gettting in the way of fps. Just because it's an older game doesn't mean it's gonna work smoothly on your card....its still a first person shooter and a decent 3d card is a must. You would probably pull more frames with a voodoo2. Anyways my suggestion is look at picking up a cheaper 3d card if you aren't heavy into gaming something along the lines of a geforce2MX 200 or 400 which are very affordable...or pick yourself up a higher ati card like a radeon 7500....anything newer than what you got will do the trick... 700 marks in 3dmark is not good at all....my current setup im pushing 9000 3dmarks...I've run Nvidia based cards since day one and finally took the chance on a Radeon 8500....with that said...unless nvidia changes their ways im not sure i'll go back to nvidia. The power of this card is that of a geforce3 ti500 and cost's half the price....one is a fool to buy a geforce3...and with nvidia releasing yet another chipset in august using 3dfx technology one can only think that nvidia is a little worried about what ati has up their sleeve for the R300 chipset (Radeon 10,000?) that they must develope a chip completely different than the geforce4 cards that have been on the market for only a few months.... It makes one worry about nvidia when they have to release a card every 6 weeks as opposed to every 6-12 months like other developers. But im not anti nvidia cards...they are great and driver support is awesome. ATI is only now finally getting better driver support so I haven't been disappointed from them for my card. Just thought I would let you know whats goin on with nvidia and ati's video cards currently and whats to come. You can't go wrong either way...but there is one thing that ATi still stands out from the rest is multimedia....i haven't seens dvd's look this good on my PC ever...my geforce doesn't even compare..so if your life includes some multimedia along with gaming take a look at a newer ATI card most definitely....if your nothing more than a web surfer who likes to play DOD from time to time...get a simple geforce2mx 200 or 400 for a good price and you'll be happy.



overclock your cpu and video and you sould be able to play mohaa lol thats what i did to my friens pc.. was a 650 now 866 heheh
I just want to clarify. I do use a Geforce card, and would probably only ever purchase a nvidia based card, unless ATI were to offer something of higher quality than the Geforce 4 range for cheaper.

To my understanding, the new Radeon cards, although they are pretty good- Geforce 3 level as you stated, I think they are more concentrated on being an all-round-card rather than straight gaming. Speaking only from what I've read and heard, the newest Radeon although it has support for tv signals and the like, can't beat the Geforce 4 Ti4600 in gaming even though they cost approximately the same.

I don't know what the lower end of the Radeon series are like, but I guess I would also have to recommend a Geforce 2 mx, since you won't be playing all that many games, aletank. Since you're looking for something reasonable, you might as well get yourself an mx400, which is the higher end of the Geforce 2 range. It should only cost you $200 (Australian) which is just over £70.

Yes... overclocking is fun, but make sure you have adequate cooling (use MBM5 to ensure problems do not arise) and make sure you read up a lot about it before trying anything.

Happy gaming!

Put it this way... if you're not going to be going hungry for the next few weeks then you'll have no regrets over the card.
I've never heard of the brand but based on the nvidia standard should be givin you one hell of a lot more frames than you were gettin. Enjoy it!



hmm don't know much about DoD...but CS...

i'll assume you have cable/dsl

in /cstrike directory, open config.cfg with any text editor and make the following changes:
cl_cmdrate "40"
cl_updaterate "60"
fastsprites "2"
fps_max "100.0"
fps_modem "100.0"
hisound "0.000000"
rate "9999.000000"

that should do it for basic stuff. keep in mind, it's designed to give you more FPS, not make the game look or sound better (quite the opposite :p)
also, you can turn down your screen resolution to 640x480 and you'll get more frames.
make sure you're directx is updated to 8.1 (i think it is automatically with winxp)
if you use custom models, you may want to consider putting back in original models, they're lower polygons, so better framerate.
finally, remember that half-life is an OLD game engine. it's a memory hog and it's not framerate friendly by any means.

anyway, that's about it from me. good luck


Just installed my new Geforce 3TI 200 128DDR and done a clean install of XP, WOW what a difference wish i had got one ages ago, the game is so much sharper and clearer.

My FPS has gone from 20 to 60 now and i'm suddenlt top of the score board !!

I'm a happy bunny and money well spent !!:D

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