Fourms closed


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they usually blink when a new thread started, now they are all shown being closed, not sure if its just me but yea !

(the things beside the topics)


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Look at this.. i can read everything but i cant post except here.

This all just happend about 5 min ago !!

Well i was going to show you a screenshot of what, but now i cant even do that!!


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Is it a valid email address? PM me the email address you want, I'll check it against what it says in your profile.

Electronic Punk

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Basically, when you change your e-mail address you have to check that e-mail account and reactivate your account -- members must have a valid account so we can send NTFS spam to you when we doing something big and clever.. talking of which..

I have made this particular section of the forum postable for non-activated users.

You weill be activated again momentarily.