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I over-clocked in the BIOS, increasing the bus speed, I brought it from 133, to 143 (143x11=1573 Mhz), Now, over-clocking the bus speed like that, will over-clock your processor, RAM, and anything you have plugged into a slot on your motherboard, as well as all the devices on your motherboard.

i.e. PCI runs at 1/4 of your bus speed, usually 33 Mhz, with a bus speed of 143, your PCI cards will run at approximately 36 Mhz.

You shouldn't have to worry about your Graphics card, MSI makes very stable GFX cards, and always has.

When over-clocking your bus speed, it also over-clocks your RAM, make sure it is set to NOT automatically detect RAM speed. Most often, the RAM is the limiting factor in over-clocking.

If you have solid hardware, then you should have no problems.

The main thing to consider is cooling while your overclocking, make sure you have every place your case has for a Case Fan has one, and that you have a good cooler for your processor, I use and recommend the Thermaltake Volcano 7+, with it's speed setting set to "High." It will give you 6000 RPM's and about 40 CFM.

I myself have 1 80mm fan on the front of the case blowing in, 1 on the side that blows cool air from outside directly onto my graphics card and Processor, 1 on the back just above the AGP slot blowing out, and a Slot fan above the GPU on the graphics card, all in all, there is around 100 CFM a minute going into my case, and 40 CFM coming out.

About the side fan, this was an added feature for the case though, if your good with tools, I would recommend putting a side fan on your case, you can find tutorials on how to do it on google, just do a search.

That's about it, I wouldn't push much higher that 143 unless you move to a hydro-cooling solution, have $$ to spend, are confident that your hardware can handle it, are willing to take the risk of burning out some things in your system, and bought an OEM CPU.

If you bought a retail CPU, then over-clock knowing that if your burn the processor out over-clocking it, and send it to the factory, they will be able to tell what happened, and will not replace it.

I'm not trying to scare you off, just let you know what could happen if everything is not up to par. I plan on buying another OEM 1700+ this summer, and seeing just how far it can go. Now, if you have over-clocked your Graphics Card, then restore the defaults before you over-clock the bus speed.

After you have it so you think it is high enough to get a good performance gain, but low enough to be stable, you will need to test it to make sure it's stable, the way I do it, is run 3DMark 2001 SE on the system for 2-3 hours without re-booting, but between tests, check your CPU temp. if you can using a Motherboard Monitor if you have one.

If your computer survives these 3 hours of testing, then you can be pretty sure your computer is stable at that bus speed.

If it is unstable, there are two things you can do:

1.) Clock it down until it is stable.


2.) Raise the voltage to your CPU using the method for your specific motherboard.

BUT, when raising the voltage, do it in as small amounts as you can, to much voltage will burn out your processor.

Basically, make sure you have pretty high-quality parts, efficient cooling, and that it's not gonna be a big problem if something gets screwed up, so, if there is anything important on your computer, back it up.

Any more questions, let me know.

FourDiceS wrote on 29th April 2002 06:36:
hi, I was looking at your specs and noticed you overclocked your
1700+ to 1900+....

Since your overclocking experience was sucessful i was wondering
if you could send me the steps you did...

Did you only change the bios settings? new fan ?...


here's my system

1700 +
512 mb ddr @2100
asus a7v-266-e
msi geforce 2 ti

- Pat -


Thank you so much for the great reply...

I will have to get a fan before even try it because

I already have temp issues... I have the retail cpu that came with

the heatsink and fan and it's running at the highest 67 degree

celcius... It's alot, I would'nt try it now... I put a case fan to blow

the air out and it only came down 2 degrees, Even if i open

the two side panels it will still be over 60... weird!

The cpu is well seated and the fan does'nt have a bird nest in it...

It's running stable so I won't push it now...

Can you tell me the difference between the retail and oem cpu !?

Thanks for your time - Pat



Warranty and Price.

OEM=Cheaper, but only 90 day manufacturer warranty.
Retail=More Expensive, 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Yes, you are definitely having heat issues, If you have the cash, I would recommend investing in a tube of Actic Silver 2, and definitely getting a Volcano 7+ and running it on high, as for your case fan, try having it bring cool air in.

Let me know.


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