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Found hardware message at bootup?


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I just bought a new A7V8X-X mobo with Radeon 9200SE videocard and 512 meg ram. Using 98se (when using XP, it doesn't come up with the message at boot up but in the "Hardware Devices" are it has "PCI Universal Bus" with
the yellow thingy next to it. If I don't install USB 2 then it works fine but if I do, it crashes)

Whenever I start my computer windows pops the new hardware found window for "PCI Universal Serial Bus found". If I let it continue and install the USB 2 drivers, then the computer freezes when I try to play games, when I reboot it won't boot saying that there is no PS2 mouse detected (even though the mouse is USB).

If I don't install the USB 2 drivers the machine works lovely.

The mouse is a Logitech Optical wheel mouse.

Yes I am using the latest VIA & USB 2 drivers

Any help would be greatfully appreciated

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Hey belveder I use to live in Adelaide many years ago...............glad I moved. :p :D

Now to your problem. Have you tried disabling the usb drivers by going into the device manager, right clicking on the one you don't want to load & hit 'disable'?


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I don't like Adelaide either lol. Stuck here for the kids though lol.

Have tried disabling the drivers, but every time I reboot it comes back


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