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Forwarding ports in Windows XP



Hello guys, im just a newbie and have also (for you) a very simple question. I'm working behind a windows XP network (sharing the internet). At my computer (client) I have also windows XP. The problem is that I cannot send files with messenger or set up my own website using IIS. I know it could be by forwarding ports (I don't care about the server if he is able to sent files or anything). But HOW could I forward ports in Windows XP and how do I know what te ports are voor a web server or messenger.
Please help me !!!!!!! I get sick of this!!!

I hope I could forward ports in Windows XP, but when it isn't possible to forward ports in Windows XP how do I intergrated a router in Windows XP???:confused:


i don't get it

When i follow the steps on the server that were given by the link, it still not work.
1 For the IP-adres I gived the ip-adres of the server
2 I used the ports 6891 up to 6900 udp and tcp and used for the ip-adress the server-ip.
3 Also the internal and external ports were the same.

But when I run a program (ON CLIENT-SIDE) (active ports) the program don't detect the ports (messenger won't work to send files etc)
And I disabled the firewalls!

What did I wrong!? I don't get it.:confused: :confused:

Pleaze reply when you read this and know the answer!!! It's driving me crazy :(

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