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Formating C Drive


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Just a quick question. I would like to format my C Drive to clean it up, haven't done this for a long time. My question is that I have a copy of my C Drive using True Image which I keep on my second hard drive D. It is upadated regularly and I would do a fresh copy if I reformated. Would I be able to use True Image on a clean C Drive? Thanks.


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your question is not entirely clear so I believe there are two answers, Yes and No! :p

Yes - you can use it, of course, to take an image of your drive again after formatting - I believe you can also use it to "pull back" individual files you might want from your C drive before the reformat.

No - you cannot use it to put ALL the data back to your C drive as before - because if you do so I believe it will basically leave the C drive as it was, more or less making the format irrelevant (though I suspect any bad sector marking would remain if there were low level problems with the drive).

There are a few other considerations - depending on partitions and file systems, but you have not mentioned those so I left that aside.

I should say although I use TrueImage I am going by the User Guide here - haven't had to use it "in anger", so if anyone knows better they can post - or if you try using it in the second way and find I am wrong you can correct me!


OSNN Addict
Thanks for the quick response Mainframeguy, I get what you mean that if I use True Image I will only be putting back what I have taken off. I have no particular problems with my comp but I do download and try a lot of things which I later delete.

I use CCleaner and RegSupreme which I hope controls it.

Thanks once again for your valuable opinion.


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