???? Format -UR command ????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pc_tek, Dec 29, 2001.

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    i saw something wierd in another forum. this seems wierd:

    How to uninstall Windows XP to 98
    Thanx to: Anonymous
    Some people say it isnt possible to uninstall XP. Fact is, it is! Use your Win98 Cd-ROM Autostart thing and go to DOS. There go to your XP-Drive and do a format -u. This will delete any XP-Files. Add to format -u an r and it restores the overwritten files from the last os (you won't see the RESTORED_OS-Folder since it is implemented in the Partition!

    format -ur

    i tried looking it up, couldnt find anything on it. switches ussually use the ( / ) vs. the ( - ). i figure if it is used, that it will either abliterate things, or give a bad switch/command indication.

    anyone ever hear of this? thoughts?

    ~~~ ever curious ~~
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    I don't know what the "R" is for but the "U" is unconditional...
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    i know the U is uncoditional which is a kinda undocumented switch that will wipe the drive completely clean, but the use of the switch isnt used correctly that i know of. thats whats throwing me off. And the R, ummm well thats new to me too.

    I am doing a fresh install next week, so i might try it on my machine for giggles because it wont matter. right now i am installed over the top of ME. but my suspicions are that it wont work, that it will error out.