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15 Feb 2005
Hey guys...

I have been contemplating getting rid of my DSLR for a little while now...

The price has gone down, but the entire outfit is still worth alot of money...

Here is what I have:

Canon Rebel xTi kit with 17-85mm lens...
L series EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM SLR Lens
BG-E3 battery pack and 4 extra long lasting batteries from 600-1100 maH...
Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG
Velbon MAXi 347GB travel Tripod

I paid close to 3K for everything you see above...

The camera body has dropped in price, but the remainder of the items have stayed about the same...

if the price is right, I would be willing to part with it...


P.M. me Serious offers only please...

Mike A!
if you were willing to piece it, I would be interested in the body..
That's a good package and a great camera, I'm waiting on the Rebel XSi though. Why are you getting rid of your dSLR?
That's a good package and a great camera, I'm waiting on the Rebel XSi though. Why are you getting rid of your dSLR?

Since I got my boat, I have been afraid of bringing it with me on the water...

SO... I will need a waterproof camera Im thinking an Optio W30, and I can use the remainder of the cash to pay for more rod/reel combos and or pay down my credit card debt...

It works like a champ... I just don't use it enough for me to justify keeping it...

Sorry Fitz I won't part the body... I would part the L-series, BG3, Camera Bag, batteries and extra memory chips from the camera... but thats about it...

Mike A!
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hey mike

was wondering if you were still looking to sell this or if it was sold elsewhere..
i could have done with that for my trip to Mexico - but im broke now too just paid for the trip :(
Sorry it took so long to get back to everyone... I have been lurking but not really checking all the new posts... I have been very busy fishing...

Yes still looking to sell it, I would prefer selling it as a kit and not parsing it out...

I will entertain all reasonable/realistic offers...

Lastly don't compare my camera with the normal kit I have the 17-85mm lens kit which makes a HUGE difference in the pics you can take out the gate...

Mike A!

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