For the LOVE of GAWWD someone...


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Okay peoplz, I realize you have much better things to do than help a silly idiotic girl such as myself. But i am going to make the attempt before i explode my mother board so i can at least sday that i asked...
Please excuse my spelling, i have NO TIME to spell check my finger-pecking.
I am delerious, up all night, need to use my computer-ONLINE to complete finals.
and someone....recently downloaded **** to my pc that has exploded.
My background:
I used to know a bit more about running command prompts as my ex-boyfriend is a dba and helped me to remove bastard AOL files from the registry..
since then..
many years later, with an unprotected computer running crappy spyware and anti-virus..
i being the loser i am allowed my machine to become infected, and i DO NOT want to download anymore crap to scan the registry and rid files blah blah..
i want to rip the bastard out myself, but i am not quite sure what i am looking for.
I have been able to remove some aol **** AGAIN.
but am not sure where the latest ass is hiding..i need help with manual removal..
Pertinent info(please excuse my shorthand as i know it is not proper but i hope you get the gist.
files that need to be removed are located:
search.html (can remove but reappears upon reboot)
cmd32.exe (yes! i know i am retarded for getting this!)
obviously i cannot just click and delte, as the sysytem will not allow me..."access denied"program currently in use blah blah...because **** has encoded itself into my registry..

so, i have gone to
run-command prompt line "cmd"
Now in dos mode:
i type "regedit"
i have located all paths for
\software\microsoft\windows\current version\ run
and deleted some "cmd" files and cleaned obvious software **** ..but i cannot find these files..
I did notice
is this anything?
i need help? please take pity on me before i explode my machine because i am willing to do it to rid it of this crap. I will borrow a friend's laptop or sit in a lab if i have to...


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latest log:Scan Information: Object Name Status Action Infection Time C:\wsetup.exe Infected Quarantined 12/06/05 12:22:42 C:\Quarantined Trojan-Downloader.Win13:07:45 C:\WINDOWS\system32\z16.exe Infected Quarantined Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Delf.pb 12/06/05 13:07:46
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okay so now that i have loudly broadcast that i have wide-open ports to invade, and explore to god knows how many experts and probably gave you additional info to boot. I am going to go lurk about and try to "slepp" on this for an hour."and to any that want to eploit my retardedness and vunerabilities that i am so loudly advertising..well, i have nothin to hijack to speak of so eplore away and be awed by my $0 bank account and lack of any credit cards etc..enjoy. i am now BITTER! :)I AM SORRY for bothering you all..any who had the misfortune of reading this far...I apologize.I will stop now. !


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ummm, I'm confused.

Posting the hijackthis log will allow us to diagnose, and recommend what to remove. hijackthis is capable of fixing your issue, without much fuss.

Please, please post it.


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i am afraid to download this zip file now...okay, i will do it! I just deleted winzip.but screw it...doesn't it seem asinine to download a zip file that i am receiving from someone on the internet because my computer is infected with a virus and spyware from someone else who already dowloaded a file from an unknown source?i do not mean to offend you.i am just laughing at how stupid i am..isn't that like class #1 of NO nos?! okay i am doing it because i am that dumb.


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sorry!i have been up for 30 hours now and o am a bit are dealing with a "special needs" person..i am exceptionally RETARDED when it comes to technical issues.okay, now it is asking me to register my "hijack this"do you need a detailed log or just the list of infected files?

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I know your fustrated but you need to calm down a bit. It won't help you try to fix this problem. As suggested run hijackthis so we can see exactly what's going on.


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I am taking a quick break from working on a research paper to check back in.
i attempted hijack this, but was asked for a registration fee after the initial scan and my request for a report.
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Yes, we do need that hijackthis log... while you are on that site kc lily, go ahead and download his tools to rid your system of coolwebsearch.

Look forward to seeing it, just glancing at the spybot log there is a bunch of goodies still installed on your system, bunch of Yahoo bloat, some AOL.


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thank you so much!
i am rested, took my pc offline and ripped everything out. I was afraid that i was going to have just strat all over-wipe everything out. But, i have checked and tested and there have been no reoccurances. so, far. I just logged-back on tonight and all suystems seem to be good, no reoccurrance of the worm.
it was a learning experience. It was nice to know that you were all here.
i have finals that i need to complete now, but i will be back to check-in, perhaps learn and just generally be a pain in the ass.


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Karen, I think you misunderstand.

Hijackthis is a program that will tell a qualified uer what is infecting-troubling some areas of your computer. It sends nothing out about who you are or personal information. It simply creates a log of things that it finds. If you would post that log file here many of the informed users that frequent this site can help to get things fixed.

I would suggest also that you download, update and run.

Spybot, search and destroy. It is a program that will remove unwanted popups, ads, and or some forms of viruses.
Ad-Aware by Lavasoft. A program of the same sort as the one above, but has some differences to help catch other forms of software pests.
AVG Free Anti-Virus. Free, easy to use Anti-Virus that doesn't use up alot of system resources, such as memory.

I personally use all of the above and Hijackthis on all my computers.

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