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For Sale... or whatever



I won this thing from www.area-64.com when I was TRYING to win an AMD64... That never happened, but now I have this thing that I probably won't use as there's something similar included in the case that I wish to purchase.

Anyway, check out some pictures of it here:

And below is some info on it. If you're interested, make me an offer ;)

Vantec Nexus NXP101 Multifunction Panel

3 Temp Monitors, 3 Faceplates, CPU Rheostat

Product Specification:

3 Interchangeable Coloured Faceplates or choose the Bare Silver Anodize Finish
Adjustable CPU Fan Speed Controller
System Temperature Monitoring Switch & LCD Display
Audio Alarm Warning
2 USB Ports and 1 IEEE1394 (Firewire) Port
Retail Box

Product Feature / Commentary:

The Vantec Nexus Multi-Function Panel adds flexibility to your personal computer by providing fast and easy access to the USB and Firewire devices. One switch mode button and the LCD display allows you to monitor the system temperature instantly.

A central CPU Fan Controller allows efficient monitoring of system temperature and an audio alarm prevents system overheat problems. Interchangeable faceplates give your PC a brand new look. The Nexus Multi-Function Panel fits in your 5.25" drive bay to give you ultimate and effective PC management.

Product Industry Reviews:

"The Vantec Nexus is by far the coolest looking multi-functional panel to date. It can monitor temperature, control CPU fan speed, has 2 USB2 ports, 1 Firewire port, an LCD display and has classy interchangeable faceplates to match almost any case." - www.3dgameman.com


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ok what color is the one you are selling (unless the link is to the same thing/color)

and what price range are you looking for :)

I'd rather you stick a number out there :)



I will give you 1 euro or £1 as long as you pay for p&p and send me a a stamped return envelope for me to put the £1 or 1 euro in.


LOL, there are three different colour faceplates, I also saw one site that showed a picture of it with out one of the coloured faceplates on it (looks like brushed aluminum.)

How about $30 CAD; use www.xe.com if you want to figure that out in real money... probly like $5 USD hahaha... our dollar is sad...


or if anyone has a wireless network adapted, that would be primo, even if you want a little extra cash for the trade. Anyone have a Linksys WUSB12 or WUSB11 they're looking to get rid of? (Doesn't necessarily have to be USB, but the WUSB12 looks pretty slick!)

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