For Sale: Intel Desktop Board D975XBX and Pentium D 950 CPU


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I am selling the following:

Intel Desktop Board D975XBX Revision 302
Included: D975XBX Revision 302 Desktop Board, All Original Cables and Components, Original Instructions and Manuals, Original Box and Packaging

More information:

This revision is NOT compatible with the new Core 2 Duo processors.

Intel Pentium D 950 Processor
Included: Pentium D 950 Processor, Original Unused HSF, Original Instructions and Manuals, Original Box and Packaging

More information:

I am selling the two as a combo. Both have been used for about five months (purchased in April, 2006) and were replaced in September, 2006. Both have been used in a temperature controlled, smoke-free, and clean environment. I am looking for $300.00 for the two.

Shipping Terms
Items will be shipped via UPS and charged accordingly (the package weighs in at about 8lbs.).

Payment Terms
I will gladly accept PayPal for an additional $5.00 fee. I will also accept USPS (Green) Money Orders or cashier's checks drawn from a US bank. All funds are USD. Payment must be made within three days of approved offer.

Please post any questions or offers in this thread. Thank you.

Because the items have already been packaged for shipment (the first deal fell through) I am unable to post pictures.


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It's not, sadly. I had to purchase the newest revision for my C2D. According to Intel the board has physically changed and a bios upgrade won't make it compatible.

The only difference between the 302 board and the 305 that I now have is the color (that I can see that is).
Hmmm one of my usual suppliers was indicationg it was just a bios revision. Must be a wiriing difference between the revisions then.

still my favourite etailer had a buy now pay in 6 months thing, so soon as I send off the signed paperwork my C2D, Board and Ram will ship :)


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Nice deal, only downside from my point of right now is the fact the boad uses DDR2 instead of DDR and can't tell if it uses PCIe or AGP for the video.


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DDR2 and dual PCIe

ATI* CrossFire* Multi-GPU Platform Support ATI CrossFire technology enables two ATI graphics cards to work together for ultimate 3D gaming performance and visual quality

One Primary PCI Express* x16 (electrical x16 or x8) bus add-in card connector
One Secondary PCI Express* x16 (electrical x8) bus add-in card connector
One PCI Express* x16 (electrical x4) bus add-in card connector


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thanks for the information madmatt. If I could afford the rest of the hardware needed to get it up and running I would really conisder it but sadly at this point time I can't.

Though as I said its a good deal

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