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For Sale: Coolermaster Cosmos case


The One and Only
Ok.... just wanted to see if anyone here's interested in buying my current computer case so i can buy a new one that i REALLY want. Had it on Guru3D for a few days.... but the only takers from there so far were non-takers due to being overseas (or for those overseas.... not from the US, let alone local to me).

It's the original CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 chassis. Still in quite perfect condition.... no scratches i've seen anywhere. bit of dust, but that's to be expected from ANY case. I've pre-cut a few holes to try to run wiring.... some worked.... some didn't, be it from not cutting the hole in just the right place, or because of the cable i was trying to run interfering with the other side panel and making it difficult to close. What will be provided with the case is, for one, the basics.... drive bay covers, HDD lockers (as i like to call them), motherboard standoffs in the standard ATX holes. What i will be providing with the case is the two 140mm Aerocool Streamliner fans i swapped in place of the stock CoolerMaster 120mm fans, as well as a Noctua NF-P12 120mm fan for you to put as either the bottom intake or rear exhaust. Will also provide a 120mm Aerocool Xtreme Turbine as well as one of the stock CoolerMaster 120mm fans that came with the case for you to decide between to mount as whatever you don't use the Noctua as..... if you'd need those fans.

Kinda looking for about $125. Would be great if you live in the Eastern Pennsylvania/Jersey area..... shipping this case would SUCK!

Picture of the holes i cut. A) Yes, that's painters tape. B) Yes, i know it's not the greatest thing to use.... but it's all i really had on hand, and it worked, so i never really felt like changing it.

Here's a picture of the inside of the case. This is before the hole cutting.... since i forgot to take a new pic of the inside.... and still haven't done so.


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