[For Sale] All-in-wonder 9800pro


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12 Apr 2002
I am getting rid of my old card. It's the full retail version.

The original was an AIW 9700pro, it developed a problem with heat and was replaced by ATi with an AIW 9800pro, new. I have not used this card.

Full retail version includes all drives, remote, remote receiver and software for pinnacle and so on/so forth.

Asking for $125 shipped. Only in the US preferably.

Will post pictures tomorrow.


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so you got the 9800 pro and didn't use it? (this is the kind that can cap tv and all that good stuff right? i don't know much about ATI)
I had the AIW 9700pro, I got a 6800ultra, the AIW 9700pro in the mean time showed heat damage, which was odd since I don't typically oc. I sent it to ATI since it was a retail, built by ati card.

They replaced it by sending me a new AIW 9800pro. I already had all teh other items for my aiw 9700pro.

I received the AIW 9800pro last night and I already replaced my 6800ultra with an AIW x800xt so I have no use for the AIW 9800pro.

And yes, this is the card with all the goodies for the TV tuner et al.
cool.. i got the 6800ultra too, but will use this for capping tv shows and stuff for me, now i don't have to rent all the DBZ episodes. Thanks :) check pm.
does it come with all the included software? if so i'll take it,
It's the full retail version, ie all software, remote, everything.

I posted pics of teh card itself just to prove it was indeed the AIW 9800pro that replaced my old AIW 9700pro. It was replaced directly by ati and is brand new/unused.

It will ship in the original box my AIW 9700pro shipped in, except it will be a 9800pro card :)

I think Moo said he was interested, he has first dibs at this point.
I'll wait till the weekend is out and then open it up to other offers :)
Well, Moo was the first person to PM me and said he would let me know over the weekend so ethically I have to wait since I said I would.

I wouldn't be able to ship till Monday anyways :) But I appreciate it and will let you know ASAP.
I haven't heard back from Moo thus far over the weekend so I am going to open this up for general sale. Pm me. Whoever is first gets dibs :cool:

I am heading to Florida next weekend and would like this taken care of before then :)

Thanks for the interest lads. I think I might even through in a free game coz I'm feeling generous.

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