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For all you ladies and men going out for a night on the town


The Voices Talk to Me
For all you ladies/men that go out for a night on the town and have to deal with all the freaks, ulgy people and sorry pickup lines. Here is something you need to memorize.

Please follow this information, and use which ever state you like.
Simply memorize the phone number that you would like to say your from and give it to these sorry people.

Atlanta GA 770-908-7383

Boston MA 617-861-3962

Chicago IL 773-509-5096

Denver CO 303-575-1696

Los Angeles CA 310-217-7638

San Francisco CA 415-356-9833

Seattle WA 206-376-9798

Washington DC 202-452-7468

New York 212-479-7990

Then just enjoy your night, they will too. At least till they call you the next day.


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I'd like to know this too. I don't live in any of those areas so I won't be calling to find out.

Nick you live in NY, call and let me know :)

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