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well, doug had not allot to contribute as far as the crazy browzer,but here's what he had to say.

If i used the crazy browser, I'd work on this for you, but that'll have to wait till I'm done with pheonix.

see if you can use the following information from doug lee, the author of adshield;

The handling of the toolbar button and hosting of the explorer bar is
handled almost entirely by IE so this may be a better question for crazy
browser support.

AdShield simply implements a
number of COM interfaces and adds the necessary registry entries under the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet

Explorer bars can also be launched from the Explorer Bar submenu of IE's View
menu. Crazy browser may have some counterpart of this.

Alen, if you work this out, make the post


its only fun
Hi dealer,

Thanks for the help;)

I will get in touch with the Crazy Browser support team as suggested By Doug Lee.

The couple of things i will tell you and maybe you could pass this on to him.......when I right click for my sub menu the Adshield options are there and if I select add to block list it will block the picture but only as a redX and not freeing up the space taken by the picture.......and this is only on a refresh and not instant as in I.E.

When I select Adshield options settings from the sub menu I get a invalid syntax error and when I select the Maintain Block List from the sub menu it is like it has done something but nothing happens i.e. you get the Maintain Block List on the right hand side as in I.E.

Anyway I will get back to you when Crazy Browser reply to me

Once again thanks for your help ;)



its only fun

Just snagged this of CB's F.A.Q. page

Crazy Browser is not IE plug-in or add-on, it just uses IE rendering engine to render the Web pages. Programming is not so easy, I have been developing Crazy Browser for two years.
Crazy Browser doesn't support IE plug-ins, e.g. Google toolbar. Most IE plug-ins work with a single Webbrowser/IE only, but CB can open several web pages simultaneously, it's impossible to make these plug-ins work correctly with CB.

I wiil wait to here from Doug


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