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Hi, i'm totally new to this site, so hope i'm not being too cheeky by starting a soccer section. Hope to meet some new fans of the beautiful game via this forum. :eek:


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Well, just a quick starter for you all. I am an avid Man Utd fan (now that should do one of two things, make you either love me or hate me, lol) and also follow the England national team as if my life depended on it.

I also support Boca Juniors and follow there progress. My favorite player is Wayne Rooney, followed closely by Kaka.


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I suppose once Van the Recordman gets going, the rest will be trailing again soon.

Well, except for the Gunners maybe...



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Electronic Punk said:
Some american billionaire has bought man u?
Malcolm Glazier is looking into buying Man Utd, but he might be having second thoughts after the fans protest at the Reserve game the other night. Several men wearing SAS style clothing, complete with balaclava, burst onto the pitch bearing signs along the lines of “Hands of Glazier”…and then, to my disgust, went about burning American flags. While I support this group, named “The Red Knights”, I think that burning the American flag (well trying, the wind scuppered their chances.) was bang out of order.

Man Utd is the worlds richest, and best run, sporting organization bar none, and why would we need to take a step back by going to a man that is taking out massive loans to fund his buying of the club, loans that would be paid back by Man Utd’s profits? Personally I think this whole deal won’t happen unless Manchester United undergoes huge loses and needs somebody to bail them out, ala Roman Abramovic and Chelsea! The fan power of this club is massive, and the Red Knights will be victorious in this battle.


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well I watch a lot of European soccer here in the states cause I'm lucky enough to have Fox Sports WOrld and they show a lot of live soccer matches and I've seen a lot of poor play in EPL. DOn't know what happened but the top players have been way off their game this season and I don't get it. I love watching the EPL but I just can't believe the games I see.

Now on the topic of Man U they get a vote just for letting Beckham go(I know this happened a long time ago). He has been the most overrated soccer/football player in the world and I'm glad to see he is finally not getting the respect on the field he never deserved in the first place.


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what's the EPL mate?

I've seen some pretty fine play this season in Europe, but the "big" teams tend to save their best performances now for the Champions League. Man Utd have scored 9 goals in 9 games in the Premiership, yet (including qualifying) they have scored a total of 14 goals in just 4 games in the Champions League...including 6 last time out...amazing!

And mate, totally agree with the Beckham comment


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DOH!…I take it EPL is English Premier League…sorry mate, we just shorten it to the “Premiership” forgive me for my dullness!

And i am totally bias, but i would say that the Premiership is by far the most exciting league in Europe at present. Basically anybody can beat anybody, Chelsea are degrading what is otherwise a great league with their constant defensive play, but you've just gotta sit and marvel at some of the attacking play that Arsenal, Newcastle, Bolton, Middlesbrough (at times) Man Utd and Tottenham produce.

Personally the boring games are ones where teams try and defend, defend, defend…Man Utd have had three 0-0’s this season…where teams turn up with 10 men behind the ball, bloody degrades the point of football!



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There's a very good article on an American's perspective on football/soccer over at

It highlights quite a number of interesting points, such as how the pace of the game dictates its 'approachability', compared to other fast-paced games, such as hockey.

Also, you need to try out championship manager if you can, it's one of the most addictive games out there :)


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well I have played football/soccer almost my whole life and yes the EPL to me is the English Premier League. I watch just about every game I can and I watch them from every league they show. But also this isn't the only year that I have watched the English teams play and I really see the game becoming a little sloppy. I have been very unimpressed when I watch these days compared to when I started watching games live like 5 or 6 years back. I Just see more missed opportunities and misplays in the defense that didn't happen before.

I do agree the English game is a little more offense minded then the likes of the Italian and German leagues. The Italians focus so much on defense that it permeates their leagues and national play. But I enjoy good soccer/football when I see it and I can see the good in the more offensive and the more defensive teams .

and even though you don't want to admit you think I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm american and you are thinking that, I do have a better understanding of the game than you would think. I don't see it first hand like most of you do but I try my best and I also see more of the game from a world perspective by sticking my nose in every league out there


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liverpool fan since I was bout 4 right here :)

malcolm glazer owns the buccs... where I used to live, in tampa bay, florida... he's a rich bloke who likes milking the franchises he runs... has done some good stuff @ tampa... and some not so good stuff...

probably might not be the best idea to have him running the red devils...

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