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foobar playlist?


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go to| start/programs/foobar2000/foobar2000 - Associations |With that open check the associations you want for it. Then all you will have to do is click on the file ..


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I'm not sure what Johny means with reference to the quesion.... foobar playlists will be .fpl extension files.... it is really simple to make them and foobar gives you ample means - just use the playlist pulldown and select a directory and it will build a playlist of all the music files it finds therein....

If you had other old playlists it would depend entirely on how they were structured and how you have your music organised - but check out the playlist options you already got in foobar first.


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I was assuming that he wanted to make an association for the play lists. The way I suggested is how to associate foobar with the media files and play lists.

If you want to add songs to the play list, you just have to right click on the particular file or play list and select enqueue in foobar, or play in foobar.

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