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Folder Deletion Help



Hi all,
I installed freemem on my HD then uninstalled it. Now what happen is that the folder has been left on my HD, i can open it, put file in it but if I try to delete it or rename it, windows tells me that cannot access the folder.
I have tried deleting it in safe mode but still no luck, I have delete it all the entry in the registry, still no luck. I have a dual boot system but cannot access the drive from windows ME as is formatted in NTFS. I know it should not bother me, as is only a small folder, and I have an 10gb HD for dual boot and 80gb HD for storage, but it's making me crazy!!!!!
Any idea guys/girls?
Any help appreciated.


if it won't delete in safe mode then i don't know what to tell you. i am assuming that you have checked the properties to make sure it is not read only. i think we have all experienced problems in xp w/ deleting files/folders at some point. one solution i have found that sometimes works is to drag n drop the folder into another folder and then delete from there. of course, other times it won't let you move the folder.
If you are using XP home don’t forget to boot into safe mode using the XP administrator (not your account even if you are the administrator). Before you can delete the directory or sub-directory you must first change the ownership. This is actually no simple task and is hidden away in a mass of dialog boxes. Then you need to re-boot into XP as normal select the directory or folder and assign yourself as the owner. Even then you can only remove it by deleting any sub-directories first from the bottom of the tree. Also if these have been saved because (for instance) you re-installed XP then all of the “yourusername”\Documents\”whatever” settings are also compressed and no XP admin can access them without going through the above torture.

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