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Floppy drive



Ok, I just put my computer together and installed Win XP Pro. Everything is working fine except for the floppy drive. The light is always on and it doesnt read any floppies I put in it. I took the floppy drive from an old computer. I've tried two floppy drives already. I may have the plugs in wrong but I looked at another computer while putting it in. anyone know whats wrong?

My Specs in case you need it:
Abit motherboard model AD7A
256mb DDR
Athlon XP 2500+
donno the company that made the floppy drive :(
(both floppy drives are about 5-6 years old)


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Try reversing the cable plug at the floppy end. Light staying on usually means the cable is in wrong. Also try a different cable while your at it.


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make sure the red line on the cable is on the inside (i.e. facing the power cable and not the side of the floppy).


Ok, it turned the cord around and the lights off now. But it still doesn't read my floppies. I hear it initialize when I start the computer so I don't know whats wrong and I have to wait till I get done with school and work to look at it again. :(


humm, I don't know. I'll check it out when I get home, but I would think it is as the floppy drive shows up in "My Computer"

the floppy was working on the old computer


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Probably time get rid of the floppy for good, unless you pesonally need it. XP don't need it as the boot and rescue files are built into the CD. Just a thought.



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Make sure its on in the BIOS. A: should be set to 3 1/2 1.44MB.

Make sure the cable is right. THe end with the twist should be in the Drive, not the motherboard side. And the red srtipe is usually the opposite of hard drives, to the left side when looking at the back of the drive.



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Just a foot note, as everyone have said what I would have suggested. Make sure it is not an old 720kb floppy, as it wont like 1.44 floppies.



Thanks for the help, I fixed it when I got home yesterday. But now I actidently formatted my HD :( I have to recover all my files :mad:

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