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Floppy Drive


The Analog Kid
Okay, I have boot from floppy disabled in BIOS yet on boot it still searches to boot from the floppy. I may be wrong but I think this started when I ran Boot Vis. Somebody make it stop.

"plop, plop, fizz, fizz"


OSNN Senior Addict
You dont tell us when it happens.

If its before the OS loads, check in BIOS that you also have 'seek floppy disk drive' disabled too.
Its usually in the advanced options.

If its during/after OS bootup, then its either virus checker, a virus, or a file thats accessing it... or all 3.


The Analog Kid
It checks for it once quickly while in BIOS and then again when the os is loaded. I don't have a Seek option (Damn proprietay HP boards!). I think it could also be a looking for I file from that drive. My roomie used my machine to print a paper she had on a floppy and when I later closed word, it spun the floppy drive up for a few seconds...

Maybe that's it???

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