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Flight Simulator 2004 will not start

I borrowed Flight Simulator 2004 from a friend. They are all original discs, so that's no problem. Installation went fine (I chose full install), I restarted the computer and I wanted to play it. I put in disc 1 and double-clicked the icon. After scanning the disc, the game says it needs disc 4 to start. OK, I lay in disc 4 and restart the game. It still says it needs disc 4, I checked if I havent put the wrong cd in, but it's the correct one. Of course I went to support.microsoft.com and the most relevant page I found, was this one: KB 228985. I tried all of the options there, including the safedisc and macrovision updates. I also disabled the Fast User Switching option. The only option I haven't tried, is re-installing it.

Please help me!

edit: Here are my system specs:
Pentium III 800
256 MB RAM
Windows XP Home SP1

Another thing: This set of cd's worked fine on a Pentium III 550, 64 MB, Win 98 computer.

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