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Flight Sim fanatics- Tom Clancy's HAWX

Some of you guys that are old school fans of modern air combat games such as USAF and F-22 Lightning 3 like myself played these sims for hours. Along with all the MS Flight Simulator games. Anyway I have been playing Tom Clancy's HAWX for a few weeks now and am truly impressed with this flight simulator as far as air combat and ground scenery is incredible. Not really much for detailed cockpit panel but does give you option for various views. Aerial combat can be viewed in different perspectives. Great game and Bman I'm not sure if you have this game yet but I knew your an old sim guy and wondered what you thought about HAWX.



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I am not sure where you got the idea that I am an old school sim guy, most of my friends are and have been for awhile, I have never really got into them. FPS all the way.

Though I have picked up this game when it was released and played the demo. Now as I said, they are not my type of game and which is why I didn't enjoy this game. In terms of graphics, amazing, as far as I know about sim games, everything is there. So for a next gen sim, this is A+, but I will not be playing it much just because of choice.

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