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Flashing BIOS



I have tried to flash my BIOS recently because of they had a fix for my ACPI (is that it?) the GIGA BYTE website has a detailed instruction thing on how to do it, but it's only for Windows 95/98 I asked them how to do it within Windows XP and they said obtain a boot disk from the web.

HOW DO I DO THAT? :confused:

Thanks in advance.
You can make a DOS boot disk in XP. But a blank floppy in the drive, open Windows Explorer, right click on your A:\ drive icon, select 'Format...' from the pop-up menu, on that menu tick the box 'Create an MS-Dos boot disk.' When you're done, copy your flash utility and any other files you need onto it. Restart your computer and flash your bios.


If you have a newer gigabyte you can flash your bios right
in Win XP. This is totaly new. Its called bios writer or @bios.
Flashing a gigabyte motherboard is now alot like patching
a game. Its so easy now. Also, my gigabyte board has 2 bios'
Just in case the first one fails the second is there just in case.
This programs should be on your motherboard disk. Good luck.


Thanks everybody.


First of all, Mr. Plow... unfortunantely, I don't have a newer motherboard... I have a Slot A 700MHz Athlon... :(

And second of all, some occupant sent me an e-mail concerning the problem, and it turns out that I had my NT APM legacy something disabled... I enabled it and everything works fine, along with my hibernate feature, which was missing to begin with as well.

I saw a BIOS update however on Gigabyte's site, but when I used the flash utility, it wouldn't work.

GO FIG. It always said something about a tag error in the bios file


Well, anyway, it's fixed now and working well to a degree... I don't know why, but my motherboard never went well with Standby. what really confused me was that my older computer, with a cyrix MII processor did! Really wierd stuff.

Anyone have any suggestions on a fix to that if possible?? I find it hard to believe that there's no support for Standby on a reletively new motherboard, but there is on an older one.

Thanks again, everyone.

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