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Flashing bios

Can any one shed light on how to safely flash my bios. The instructions say that i shoud make a boot floppy but this is refering to WIN 98 and warns about not being able to do this in XP. Amibios chip and gigabyte GA-7IXE4 mobo.
cheers in advance


If you have an XP compatible mobo, you should have the option to flash your bios on bootup by for example pressing F2/delete or similar which will instruct you to insert the floppy with the .bin file you have loaded on it.
Then you can flash the bios on command.
XP will recognise any floppy disc similarly, such as the Win 98 boot disc, Ghost, PMagic for loading purposes.
As mentioned in other threads it "simulates" Dos if not supporting it directly.


Go here to download the files you need to make a boot disk. Then just follow the flashing instructions.
It's possible to make a boot floppy in XP the same way as in Win98. Just follow the same instructions and you should be fine. At least if the flasher reads the file off the floppy and not off the hdd (since I guess you are using NTFS and not FAT32).
I have made all the boot discs that are nessecary but i cannot get xp in to DOS PROMPT unless i use safe mode and by that time windows has already loaded so it wont let me do it. how do get into dos prompt in xp so that i can update the bios.


hardware monkey
to make the bootable floppy, download Dr. DOS and run it.

then download your latest bios and flashing utility and extract them and put them on the floppy.

with the floppy in your A: drive, restart and go into your bios. look for the boot device priority section and make the floppy drive the first device to boot from.

once your in dos, simply type " a:\flash855 7ixe4.fad " and follow the onscreen instructions.

XP Abuser

or more simply stick a floppy in the drive and format theres a tick box that will write sys files enabling you to boot


Originally posted by brocher
I have made all the boot discs that are nessecary but i cannot get xp in to DOS PROMPT unless i use safe mode and by that time windows has already loaded so it wont let me do it. how do get into dos prompt in xp so that i can update the bios.
You do NOT want to be in windows when you flash your bios, boot off of the boot disk then run the flash program.
Exactly. The problem now seem to be that the computer won't boot off the floppy. Chek BIOS and see to that the floppy is booted from before the hdd.
gotta love Intel's - they have two, the regular floppy which works nice, but also have one you can run right from windows
runs does some stuff, reboots and finishes on boot almost idiot proof. which is good for non-geeks:eek:

yes you want to format a floppy with system files then put bios update on disk. make sure computer is set to boot from floppy before hard drive then boot it up and let it do its stuff. should be that easy :blink:


I have been usign Gigabyte mobos for ages and you can update the bios from within windows and u don't need to boot to dos (please don't flame me on this as I have been updating my gigabyte mobos this way for over 2 years). If you go to the gigabyte site you can download their utility called @BIOS. This will enable you to update your bios using the latest bios from their site if you have downloaded it or you can get @BIOS to look for an updated bios on the net and then update accordingly. Or have a look on the Driver CD that came with your mobo and the @BIOS utility will be on there. Hope that this is any help.
Why is it that i cannot see any files on the floppy after running DrDflash, i would like to see these files before booting from them.


In order to see hidden and system files, open explorer>tools>folder options>view>now select 'show hidden files and folders' and uncheck 'hide protected operating system files'

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