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fix; hp keyboard non responsive

Perris Calderon

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Hey guys, just posting this for those peeps with hp laptops, I think mostly pavillions, every once in a while the stops working

quick fix for those people doing a search to find a solution;

hit control+alt, that usually brings the keyboard back online, but sometimes it won't.

In those cases you be ready with a keyboard shortcut on your desktop, once you open the desktop keyboard you can close it down, your hardware keyboard should work

the target for the shortcut is below, just right click on the desktop and it will walk you through the shortcut process, cut the following and paste it into the target for your shortcut;


Once you have the shortcut put it into your quick launch so you can get it going with the mouse.

If the hardware keyboard still doesn't work, you can complete your work with the screen keyboard before you restart

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