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Feel free to move this at another location. Not sure where it should be posted.

Very nice site:D.

I've been visiting this place for the tweak guides since it's onset and decided to post for the first time.

I'm not a spammer so I'll post a question:

As you can see in my signature, I have over 120G of space on a RAID-0 configuration (2 Maxtor Plus 60G units)

I've decided to partition the drives, do to a system crash that I was able to rectify, by got me a bit concerned.

This is what I have been thinking:

6 -Gigs for the OS, Office
10 -Gigs for other applications such as Sisoftsandra, Roxio, Photoshop
90+Gigs -for storage such as videos, music, pictures, etc, etc.

I don't think I require a seperate partition for my page filing since I have so mush RAM(over a Gig!).

Please post what you have done for comparison sake.

Much appreciated.:)

Mark logging out;)
Hi Think ...

My personal opinion :

12GB for OS and Office -- spare room is always very useful , as you dont want to be pushed for space once you fill the other Partitions with stuff

And the rest as you say :)
Looks good. I'm assuming you're taking the drives out of whatever raid configuration they were in and are now going to utilize them as separate drives? You can always get yourself a copy of PowerQuest's Partition Magic and change things up later if you don't like the configuration you select. I use it myself and have nothing but good reviews for that particular program.

I have a single, 45gig hard drive. Primary (C) is 2gig with Win2K on it - my 'safety net' in case XP crashes - Fat32. First logical on the extended partition (D) has my XP installation (I allow all the programs I install to go with their defaults - less hassle) - NTFS. My next, 22+gig partition is for storage - Fat32. I've also got a grunch of RAM, 1.5gig. I first kill the page file, reboot to clear it all, then recreate it with a minimum 50mb - maximum 250mb - this gives me one solid pagefile chunk on my hard drive vs one that's scattered all over it.

I have Executive Software's Diskeeper (Workstation v7.0) set to run every 8 hours. The first 3 or 4 runs took a while, now it starts and finishes in about a minute. To help keep fragmentation down (and other considerations ;) ), I have SuperSpeed Software's RamDisk XP Pro set up using 750mb of Ram - I have my temporary internet files assigned to it... I'll eventually assign my other temp folders to it after I study up on it more at SuperSpeed.

I guess I kinda got off course a little, lol... your configuration will be a work in progress. I've formatted and partitioned so many times I think I could do it drunk, oh wait, I DO do it drunk :p
i do something similar to that on my of my comps.... but have 2 partitions...

1st one is 15 gig.... this is for os + programms
2nd is for files etc...

I tend to clean out my OS HDD every few months... when it starts getting slow and crashing...
re-ghost it... and install everything which i need.... if i downloaded something it is on the other hard drive...

it's V. convenient...

Thanks for the suggestions and I intend to do this sober;)

Well, I've been thinking about this and your comments have convinced me to partition to 2 logical drives instead of three.

1st partition - 20 g(all programs)
2nd partition - 40 gigs.

I'll leave the remainder alone and decided what to do with it when the need arises by using the XP harddrive utilities and setting it up then.

Thanks Loneman for those links. I especially like PowerQuest Partition Magic. I'll give it a try:)


1st partition - 1.5g for page filing and temps
set my page filing at a minimum of 128mb and maximum to be taken+ care of by XP. This will keep the swap filing at the beginning of the drive.

2nd - 16 G for OS and programs

3rd - 90+ for storage and use partitioning software if the need arises.

getting warmer to a final solution;)

Thanks for any input:)
I tried out the Diskeeper, tool Loneman and found it to be a nice utility to implement.

Im not too sure about the Ramdisk utility but I will run some test. Partition Magic is a dream of a program:)

I only have the evaluation programs of each and the only problem is that they are very expensive. If you know of an alternative, cost savings measure, please tell.

I don't have an answer for you but I wish I had a system like that! Sorry... jealous mode OFF. hehe :cool:
Originally posted by LadySunshine
I don't have an answer for you but I wish I had a system like that! Sorry... jealous mode OFF. hehe :cool:

rotfl's only as good until the next best thing. Think it will last 6 months before its' obsolete?:D
My PC.

I have an AMD 7mhz, 8mb ram, a TEAC w54 CD-RW that I cant seem to configure, win xp home, a plustek scanner optic pro 9636p. that wont work with xp, an epson stylus photo 700 that is now obsolete with xp, and word 97 that seems to write what it wants. Oh, and before I forget, SPACE INVADERS 75.

LOL, not ALL of it is true....hehehe.

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