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First look at IE8 RC1


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The 8th version of internet explorer has reached release candidate state, which means its feature complete.

it's been showed off and the guys at TG Daily put up a nice article

you can check it here

with all the fuss about it's security a few days ago and google's Chrome hitting final, the timing seems appropiate =]

tho i doubt i'll abandon my beloved firefox :)


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Out of curiosity, we ran Google’s V8 JavaScript benchmark (yes, we know, it is a Chrome-biased benchmark, but the performance difference between browsers is nevertheless interesting.) Using a dual-core Pentium 2.8 GHz system, the new build of IE8 scored 27.1 on our test system. By comparison, Firefox 3.1 beta 2 scored 104 (higher is better) and Google Chrome scored a whopping 1401.

IE8 clearly comes in behind in this test, with a significant margin. The result got worse for Microsoft with a more advanced system - an Intel Core 2 Quad-based computer - in absolute numbers: IE8 RC1 scored 105, Firefox 3.1 beta 2 265 and Chrome 1.0 2991.
It's still slower than Firefox and Google Chrome, so I won't really use it unless I have to. I'm sticking with Firefox because of my addons otherwise I would of been using Chrome since it runs faster.

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