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Firmware flashing woes...



I have been really wanting to flash my DVD-Rom's Firmware for Region Free Operation, and I have the firmware ready, but find myself stuck. I can't get into true dos, which I need to be in to flash this S.O.B! Is there anyway to either get into dos, or programs that can flash devices in XP? thank you in advance for any and all hard work.
If your drive is FAT 32, you can boot up with a 98 boot disk, if it's NTFS, only the run command is available through the start menu.



Go to....


Download the image for flashing....

Add your Flashing program and new flash file and reboot to your floppy drive.

Run the flashing program and it should find the specific drive...

I did this for my Pioneer-116.

For more info (and I would read it, as patching your players firmware only removes the first check) got to: - /http://kickme.to/dvd105s

XP checks and your software player checks as well for region changes.

Put a blank floppy in your drive> from windows explorer right click on the floppy drive> format...> 'create an ms-dos boot disk'> copy the files from the zip file to the diskette, boot to it and run the file 'fromdos.exe.' This utility will walk you through the rest.


thanks so much guys. I was completely unaware that XP has a built-in feature to make a boot-disk, how clever of those stupid MS workers... :D


lol, shoulda known...

ha ha ha, be careful kiddies when u firmware ur drives... welp, I have to go get a new DVD drive now... ha ha. Yah win some u lose some, but it was a crappy 8x anywayz, it didn't work very well. so, Its a good thing it wasn't a brand new one.
What happened? Are you sure you used the correct utility/firmware? It really shouldn't have killed your drive... if the utililty gave you the option to save the old firmware (should have) then flash that back in.
My guess is you have the wrong flashing utility. If it didn't even recognize the drive then it didn't do anything to it so you're not any worse off then before the attempt.

What's the make/model of your drive?

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